Rates of pay for certain excluded and unrepresented groups and levels

You will find the rates of pay and the pay notes for employees occupying certain excluded (managerial or confidential positions) and unrepresented groups and levels.

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For rates of pay of certain excluded groups and levels which are not listed below, please refer to the relevant collective agreement.

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Treasury Board

Pursuant to section 11 of the Financial Administration Act (FAA), the Treasury Board (TB) establishes the rates of pay for excluded and unrepresented positions in organizations listed under Schedules I and IV of the FAA.

Employees occupying excluded positions in occupational groups and levels covered by a collective agreement are paid at the rates of pay set out in the relevant collective agreement when those rates of pay are not specified by the TB.

Rates of pay by occupational group

Administrative Services (AS)
Aircraft Operations (AO)
Comptrollership (CT)
Correctional Services (CX) – Supervisory Group
Defence Scientific Service (DS)
Education (ED)
Executive (EX)
Firefighters (FR)
General Technical (GT)

Note: Employees in excluded GT positions working as Enforcement Officers at Environment Canada, who have satisfied all eligibility criteria specified in Appendix AA of the Technical Services (TC) collective agreement, shall be eligible to receive the annual allowance under that Appendix. For the rates of pay of excluded GT positions, please refer to the relevant collective agreement.

Historical Research (HR)
Information Services (IS)
Law Management (LC)
Medicine (MD)
Meteorology (MT)
Nursing (NU)
Organization and Methods (OM)
Personnel Administration (PE)
Primary Products Inspection (PI)
Programme Administration (PM)
Purchasing and Supply (PG)
Scientific Regulation (SG)
Ship repair (West) (SR(W))
Ships’ Officers (SO)
Translation (TR)
University Teaching (UT)
Welfare Programmes (WP)

Rates of pay for students

The rates of pay for persons engaged under one of the student employment programs are published on the Student rates of pay web page.

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