Scientific Integrity Policies


To: Heads of Human Resources

Pursuant to the and Memoranda of Agreements between the Treasury Board and the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC) with respect to Scientific Integrity, departments or agencies that employ 10 or more employees in the Research (RE) or Applied Science and Patent Examination (SP) groups are required to develop their own Scientific Integrity Policies and procedures in consultation with PIPSC representatives. Under the terms of these agreements, departments and agencies must implement their Scientific Integrity Policies by .

To assist departments and agencies in this undertaking, the Chief Science Advisor, the Treasury Board Secretariat and PIPSC have developed a Model Policy on Science Integrity under the auspices of the Governance Committee for Implementation of Government-Wide Scientific Integrity Policy (GC-SIP). Deputy Heads shall take this model policy under advisement in establishing a Scientific Integrity Policy for the management of research, science and related activities in their organization.

Under the terms of the agreements referred to above, Scientific Integrity Policies must be developed by 21 departments and agencies (see below) with application to the RE and SP occupational groups.

  1. Health Canada
  2. Environment and Climate Change Canada
  3. Fisheries and Oceans Canada
  4. Natural Resources Canada
  5. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  6. National Defence
  7. Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada
  8. Statistics Canada
  9. Public Health Agency of Canada
  10. Public Services and Procurement Canada
  11. Indigenous and Northern Affairs CanadaFootnote 1
  12. Transport Canada
  13. Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency
  14. Library and Archives Canada
  15. Canada Border Services Agency
  16. Canadian Grain Commission
  17. Canadian Space Agency
  18. Global Affairs Canada
  19. Canadian Heritage
  20. Correctional Service Canada
  21. Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Civilian Employees)

The GC-SIP encourages all federal departments and agencies to develop and implement Scientific Integrity Policies that apply to “all employees who design, conduct, communicate, manage, review or make use of research, science or related activities.”

Departments and agencies have the flexibility to adjust the model policy to meet their departmental and employee needs and may contact the Chief Science Advisor’s office for assistance.

For inquiries about the general context and interpretations, please contact the Compensation and Collective Bargaining Management group.

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Zia Proulx
Senior Director
Compensation and Collective Bargaining Management
Compensation and Labour Relations
Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer

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