Information Technology Strategic Plan 2016-2020

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The Government of Canada has released the Information Technology Strategic Plan, which outlines the key activities to ensure we provide secure, reliable, responsive and innovative IT services that contribute to better programs and services to Canadians. We want to hear from you on how best to implement these activities and your ideas for other improvements.

Four strategic areas of action will achieve these goals over the next four years and beyond. Each area of focus—Service IT, Secure IT, Manage IT, and Work IT—details specific actions and activities that are underway or that represent new enterprise directions.

  • Service IT introduces the use of cloud computing, information-sharing platforms, and technologies and tools to manage IT service delivery and improve client satisfaction.
  • Secure IT focuses on layered defences to reduce exposure to cyber threats, increased awareness and understanding to manage these threats, and protective measures to enable the secure processing and sharing of data and information across government.
  • Manage IT presents a strengthened governance approach, the evolution of IT management practices, processes and tools, and a focus on innovation as well as sustainability.
  • Work IT introduces actions to build a high-performing IT workforce and a modern workplace that provides public service employees with the tools they need to do their jobs.

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