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Ready for success

Support received at the beginning of their careers

  • 80% of employees who joined the public service in the last three years indicated they have clear work objectives (up since 2018)
  • 87% of employees who joined the public service in the last three years know how their work contributes to the achievement of their organization’s goals (down since 2018)
  • 86% of employees who joined the public service in the last three years like their job

Training and development

Support received at work

  • 69% of employees get the training they need for their job.

The results are even more positive amongst employees with less than three years of experience, up since 2018.

Career development

  • 57% of employees feel their career development is supported
  • 49% of mid to late career employees feel their career development is supported

Engagement index: 73

Performance and promotion

Career support

  • Low support for innovation: Only 63% of employees are comfortable proposing new ideas
  • 74% receive useful feedback from their supervisor on their job performance
  • Promotion: Only 52% of employees feel they can be promoted
Results by community
Community Percentage
Administration and operations 54%
Compliance, inspection and enforcement 49%
Information technology 54%
Client contact centre 53%
Science and technology 47%

Retention and retirement

Intent to leave current position

  • 27% in 2019, 27% in 2018

Reasons for leaving

  • To pursue another position within their department or agency (33%)
  • To pursue a position in another department or agency (29%)
  • To retire (15%)
  • End of their term, casual, or student employment (12%)
  • To pursue a position outside of the public service (6%)

Occupational groups on the move

  • AS (32%)
  • EX (43%)
  • EC (38%)


How important is senior leadership?

Strong leadership is linked to higher levels of:

  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Worth

These factors are related to greater satisfaction with the organization and increased willingness to recommend the organization to others


Empowerment index: 69

What’s standing in the way?

  • Too many approvals
  • Same work – fewer resources
  • Overly complex processes


What types of organizations score higher?

  • Small organizations perform better than larger ones across almost all themes measured in the survey
  • Consistently lower scores across all categories for organizations with security/military mandates

Workplace wellness

Workplace well-being

Index: 62

  • Environment
  • Awareness
  • Stress

Harassment and discrimination

  • 14% experienced harassment
  • 8% experienced discrimination

Respectful workplace

Index: 77

  • Equal
  • Valued
  • Accepted
  • Respectful


Indices on engagement, empowerment, workplace well-being, and respectful workplace were established as benchmarks in 2018.

  • Engagement (up since 2018)
  • Empowerment (up since 2018)
  • Respectful workplace (same as 2018)
  • Workplace well-being (up since 2018)

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