Classification grievances

The employer, through the OCHRO, is represented by a classification grievance representative at classification grievance hearings involving departments and agencies within the core public administration. This representative is a full rating member of the grievance committee, whose role also entails ensuring adherence to the requirements of the Directive on Classification Grievances within the context of the grievance hearing process and ensuring the integrity of the evaluation process during the committee’s deliberations.

The deadline for presenting a classification grievance is 35 calendar days after the day on which an employee receives notification or, where the employee has not received such notification, no later than 35 calendar days after the day on which he or she first becomes aware of an action or circumstance affecting the classification of the position he or she occupies. A written response must be provided to the employee no later than 80 calendar days after the date the classification grievance was presented. The deadline for providing the decision to the grievor may be extended by written agreement between the parties.


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