Premium Holiday Effective January 1, 2011 to March 31, 2011 for the Disability Insurance Plan


To: Compensation Managers; Heads of Human Resources; Participating Separate Employers; Heads of Bargaining Agents; Plan Members


The purpose of this notice is to advise you of the premium holiday that was approved for the Disability Insurance (DI) plan.

The DI plan is a group insurance plan that provides income protection to employees who are represented in the collective bargaining process when they are unable to work for a lengthy period of time due to totally disabling injury or illness.

DI Premium Holiday

Each year, the DI Board of Management reviews the financial operation of the Plan. Based on this review, the Board, through the National Joint Council (NJC) Executive, makes recommendations to the President of the Treasury Board regarding premium rates necessary to ensure that the plan is financially sound and continues to operate in the best interest of plan members.

On , the President of the Treasury Board approved the recommendation of the DI Board of Management for a three (3) month premium holiday effective to under the DI Plan.

Please ensure that all members of the Plan are provided with a copy of this bulletin.

Administrative Information

Participating employers with their own pay facilities are required to update their system to effect the premium holiday during this three (3) month period.

Enquiries about the DI Plan

Employees with questions about their coverage under the DI plan should contact their compensation advisor.

Chiefs of Compensation at the corporate level may contact Ginette Baker at (613) 946-4336 or by e-mail at Contact Contact Ginette Baker by E-Mail

Daphne Meredith
Chief Human Resources Officer
Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer

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