Your 2015 pension and insurance benefits statement

If you are an active member of the public service pension plan, you will receive your 2015 Pension and Insurance Benefits Statement in . The printed statement, redesigned in 2014, provides personalized pension information and includes clear explanations about your benefits and entitlements, in an easy-to-read format. Statements will be provided to your organization for distribution to all employees.

This annual statement will include your estimated benefits calculated as of . Over the last few years, Public Works and Government Services Canada has implemented a new pension system to ensure the sustainability of pension administration and improve the services provided to pension plan members. Following implementation, extensive data analysis was undertaken which delayed the issuance of your statement until the integrity of the pension data could be confirmed.

Online statements

If your department has access to the Compensation Web Applications (CWA), you can access your online statement at any time through the Personalized Pension Tools, located within the Active Member Pension Applications. The redesigned statement is not yet available for the online version.

If your organization does not have access to the CWA, or if you have any questions about the information provided in your statement, please contact the Pension Centre.

Going paperless

We encourage you to go paperless and choose to suppress the print of your statement through the Personalized Pension Tools within the CWA. This option is reversible at any time.

Contact information

Please verify that the name and address shown on your printed statement are correct. If the information is incorrect, please update your contact information by using the Member Information Tool under the Active Member Pension Applications’ Personalized Pension Tools within the CWA or call the Pension Centre.

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