Allocations from Treasury Board Central Votes

Vote 40 – Budget Implementation 221,101,446

Authority granted to the Treasury Board to supplement, in support of initiatives announced in the Budget of February 27, 2018, any appropriation for the fiscal year, including to allow for the provision of new grants or for any increase to the amount of a grant that is listed in any of the Estimates for the fiscal year, as long as the expenditures made possible are not otherwise provided for and are within the legal mandates of the departments or other organizations for which they are made.

Organization Authority Amount ($)
Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Securing Market Access for Canada’s Agriculture and Agri-Food Products

This funding will support the agricultural and agri-food sector in maintaining and opening new international markets and to address capacity gaps in the Canadian Food Inspection Agency as a result of previously negotiated trade agreements.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Strengthening Canada’s Food Safety System

This funding will be used to enhance the inspection of domestic and imported foods in Canada by improving risk intelligence and oversight, enhancing offshore preventive activities, and supporting industry and other stakeholders to promote compliance with Canadian food safety requirements.

Department of Finance

Canada’s Co-chairmanship of the G-20 Framework Working Group

In 2009, G20 leaders adopted a financial framework to address global economic and financial challenges and subsequently launched a working group to oversee policy discussions. Canada has served as the co-chair of the G20 Framework for Strong, Sustainable and Balanced Growth Working Group (FWG) since its inception and is represented by officials from the Department of Finance. Funding for the G20 FWG initiative will allow Finance to meet its operating expenditures in relation to fulfilling Canada’s role as co-chair of the G20 FWG.

Department of Fisheries and Oceans

Sustainable Aquaculture Program

This initiative will support growth in the aquaculture industry by streamlining and coordinating regulations, increasing scientific knowledge and evidence-based decision making, and enhancing public reporting.

Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade

Ensuring Rules-Based and Responsible Trade (horizontal item)

This funding will support the management of the Softwood Lumber initiative, including economic analysis and technical guidance related to negotiation and litigation management activities.

Operating expenditures will support negotiations towards a trade agreement with the U.S., federal-provincial and industrial consultations, targeted advocacy in the U.S., legal strategies and litigation management related to U.S. trade actions, and monitoring of softwood lumber exports to the U.S.

Department of Indigenous Services Canada

Indigenous Health: Keeping Families Healthy in Their Communities

This funding will maintain and enhance:

  • the First Nations Health Services Accreditation Program (FNHSA), which supports First Nations health organizations to improve the quality of their health services so that they are comparable to those delivered in the provinces
  • the Clinical and Client Care Program which provides 24/7 nursing services in 79 First Nation communities that do not have direct access to provincial health care systems
  • the eHealth Infrastructure Program which provides First Nation communities with e-health infrastructure and technologies that enable remote diagnostic services and integration with regional public health surveillance systems
  • health programs, for the Sheshatshiu and Natuashish nations of the Labrador Innu communities, that address mental health and addictions, maternal child health and capacity building.
Department of Indigenous Services Canada

Renewing the Matrimonial Real Property Implementation Support Program

The program will support First Nations in developing their own community-specific matrimonial real property laws, and provide targeted training and awareness activities to law enforcement officers and members of the judiciary. This funding will support new and more targeted training and awareness activities, such as the development of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, to respond to gaps in the administration of justice.

Funding for this measure will be accessed by the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development through the Supplementary Estimates. (updated )

Department of Industry

Improving Access to the Digital Economy

This funding will support the national Computers for Schools program, which refurbishes and redistributes donated computer equipment to schools, libraries, not-for-profit organizations and Indigenous communities in order to provide better access to digital technology.

Department of Natural Resources

Ensuring Rules-Based and Responsible Trade (horizontal item)

This funding will support the management of the Softwood Lumber initiative, including economic analysis and technical guidance related to negotiation and litigation management activities.

Operating expenditures will be used to undertake expert analysis in forestry economics; to provide market, product and industrial intelligence; and to support negotiation and litigation management.

Department of the Environment

Adapting Canada’s Weather and Water Services to Climate Change

This funding supports the modernization of Canada’s weather forecast and severe weather warning systems, and maintains direct support to the emergency management organizations that prepare for and respond to severe weather.

Department of Transport

Ensuring the Safe Operation of Tankers

This funding will be used to maintain incremental inspections to ensure foreign registered tanker vessels carrying oil or chemicals entering Canadian waters comply with Canadian safety and environmental protection requirements.

Department of Transport

Strengthening Capacity for Environmental Assessments

This funding will support the Department of Transport’s role in the Northern Project Management Office, which includes addressing project-related concerns from communities and other stakeholders through specialized advice related to its mandate (marine safety and security, marine shipping, navigation protection, civil aviation, and transportation of dangerous goods).

National Research Council of Canada

National Research Council

This funding will renew and regularize support for better long-term research planning and delivery.

Office of the Commissioner for Federal Judicial Affairs

Strengthening the Canadian Judiciary

This funding will support the Office in its mandate to safeguard the independence of the judiciary and to provide services to federally appointed judges, including the work of the Canadian Judicial Council in reviewing the conduct of federal judges.

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