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Information is provided here about how Treasury Board (TB) submissions are processed and documented. You will find details on the requirements for approval, and learn how to submit a TB submission or order-in-council and how to handle various situations such as an urgent submission or a change in minister.

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For additional information on Treasury Board decisions and fulfilling Treasury Board conditions, see the Post-Submission Phase section in Treasury Board Submissions Overview.

Signature Requirements

The appropriate minister (or ministers) for a government organization indicates approval of the TB submission by signing the first page of the submission. A definition of “appropriate minister” is provided in section 2 of the Financial Administration Act (FAA). The submission could also be signed by another minister authorized by order-in-council to act on behalf of an absent minister.

The organization for which the minister is signing should be clearly identified, especially for ministers with multiple responsibilities and organizations with more than one minister. Unless an organization is listed, it will not receive a copy of the Treasury Board decision.

Joint and Omnibus Submissions

If more than one minister is involved, co-signatures may be required. All signatures must be received before the deadline in order for the submission to be presented at the scheduled Treasury Board meeting.

The lead organization is responsible for delivering the entire submission (including copies) to the Secretariat. The other participating organizations provide a signed first page, either directly to the Secretariat or through the lead organization. In exceptional circumstances, the Secretary of the Treasury Board can consider an alternative process to obtain formal approvals.

Ordering of Appendices

Appendices to Treasury Board Submissions should appear in the following order, depending on their applicability:

Official Language Requirements for TB Submissions

All materials submitted for Treasury Board approval must be presented in both official languages. English and French texts appear on every page in a side-by-side format, as shown on the Treasury Board Submission Form. If the submission originates from an organization headquartered in Quebec, the French text appears on the left. For all other submissions, the English text appears on the left.

Appendices must also be in both official languages, although the format can vary according to the type of information being presented. An exception applies to supporting information from third parties (e.g., a consultant’s report, a letter from a third party), which may be in either official language.

Forwarding Signed Submissions to the Secretariat

The Deadline Schedule for Signed Departmental Submissions is posted on the Secretariat’s website. Once your minister has signed, send the final submission and any attachments to the Treasury Board Submission Centre. This can be done through the Secretariat’s mailroom at the following address:

Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
Treasury Board Submission Centre
James Michael Flaherty Building
90 Elgin Street
Level 00, Room 0075
Ottawa, ON K1A 0R5

Submissions may also be sent to the Treasury Board Submission Centre directly:

Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
Treasury Board Submission Centre
James Michael Flaherty Building
90 Elgin Street, 9th Floor
Ottawa, ON K1A 0R5

The submission and attachments should be sent in a single package. An electronic copy is not required (except when an order-in-council is part of a TB submission).

The entire TB submission package consists of the following documents:

  • Original bilingual document, which can be placed in a distinct envelope to be prepared as follows:
    • A single document in both official languages;
    • Signed by the minister in the bottom right-hand corner of the first page;
    • Accompanied by any supporting appendices in both official languages;
    • Single-sided; and
    • Secured with a staple or fold-back clip.
  • And 1 copy of the submission and attachments in both official languages, to be prepared as follows:
    • 1 copy of the submission;
    • Inclusive of any supporting appendices in both official languages (except for information from third parties, which may be in either official language);
    • The first page of the copy does not have the minister’s signature;
    • Double-sided on 8½“ x 11” paper; and
    • Individually secured with a staple or fold-back clip.

Submissions Requiring Governor in Council Approval

The Treasury Board Submission Centre also reviews orders-in-council if the orders relate to a TB submission concerning the types of agreements, management matters plans or other transactions, or pension plans for federal employees described in the section Treasury Board Approval of Orders-in-Council Under Certain Management Policies in Commonly Sought Authorities and Approvals. The Treasury Board Submission Centre ensures that they are complete and forwards them to the Privy Council Office’s (PCO) Orders in Council Division for further processing once they have been approved by the Treasury Board. Any questions about documentation should be directed to the Treasury Board Submission Centre.

An order-in-council package accompanies the submission and consists of the following documents, in separate English and French versions:

  • Order-in-council;
  • Explanatory note (if required);
  • Appendices and agreements;
  • Electronic version of each of the above hard-copy documents (provided on a USB key or CD);
  • 3 copies of the above hard-copy documents; a copy in each official language is attached to each copy of the TB submission; and
  • Original version of the order-in-council and two additional copies (in both official languages).

If your organization wishes to bring forward another type of order-in-council, please consult your organization’s Regulatory Affairs analyst at the Secretariat.

Late or Urgent Treasury Board Submissions

Submissions received after the deadline for a planned Treasury Board meeting will be rescheduled to a subsequent meeting. In order to have a late submission considered for inclusion on a Treasury Board agenda, the minister responsible for the organization must sign and send a late letter addressed to the President of the Treasury Board seeking support for inclusion of the submission on the TB agenda. With respect to joint submissions (i.e. submissions requiring two or more ministerial signatures), the minister responsible for the lead organization is responsible for signing and submitting the late letter on behalf of all organizations involved.

Late or urgent submissions will only be considered for inclusion on the Treasury Board agenda in exceptional circumstances, notably:

  • Urgent action required to meet government priorities;
  • Urgent action required to protect the health and safety of Canadians; or
  • Immediate consequences of not considering the submission, such as significant financial implications.

Late or urgent submissions will be scheduled for consideration by the Treasury Board solely at the President’s discretion. If your organization anticipates submitting such a request, advise your Secretariat program analyst as soon as possible.

Please refer to the Late letter guidance and sample for additional information.

Change of Minister or Government

When a new minister is appointed or a minister is reassigned, pending submissions signed by the outgoing minister will be cancelled unless affirmed by the incoming minister. To affirm a submission, the incoming minister must provide a letter to the President of the Treasury Board noting the exact title of the submission and his or her continued approval. An unaffirmed TB submission will be cancelled; the original will be retained by the Treasury Board Submission Centre, and the copies will be returned to the organization.

If the government changes, all copies of pending submissions signed by the former minister (or ministers) are returned to the organization, along with instructions on how to resubmit. The Treasury Board Submission Centre retains the originals.

Other Changes

A new submission may be required if circumstances or conditions significantly alter the basis of a pending signed submission. Always consult with Secretariat officials for advice on how to proceed.

Withdrawal of a TB Submission

The minister or deputy head may request the withdrawal of a pending signed submission through an official letter or email to the President or the Secretary of the Treasury Board with a copy to the Treasury Board Submission Centre. The same applies for joint submissions, where such letter or email would come from the minister or deputy head of the lead organization.

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