Legal protection of the official symbols of the Government of Canada

The use of the Government of Canada’s official symbols is restricted to the communications, operations and activities of the Government of Canada. The official symbols, shown below, including all of their design and colour variations, are protected against unauthorized use in Canada and abroad under:

The official symbols are also used to identify the Government of Canada’s participation in a federal partnering or sponsorship arrangement, a grant or contribution, or the government’s role in a jointly managed initiative.

Designs, logos or marks that are similar to, or that could be easily mistaken for, the official symbols are pursued by the Government of Canada as unauthorized use.

Symbol Description Canadian trademark number WIPO registration number
Government of Canada signature

The Government of Canada signature combines the flag symbol and title “Government of Canada” in both official languages. Flag signatures combine the flag symbol and the title of federal institutions or programs in both official languages.

0972261, 0972262

CA14, CA15

Canada wordmark

The Canada Wordmark is composed of the word “Canada” with the flag symbol above the last “a.”

0972263, 0902330


Arms of Canada

The arms of Canada is used to identify departments whose heads report directly to Parliament, institutions that have a quasi-judicial function, ambassadors, heads of consulates or missions, and the Clerk of the Privy Council.

It is also referred to as the Canadian coat of arms and the royal arms of Canada.

0972257, 0972258, 0907729

CA10, CA11

Discontinued marks and variations

The arms of Canada and Government of Canada signature have changed over the years. However, all versions are still protected under the Trademarks Act.

Symbol Description Canadian trademark number
Discontinued version of the arms of Canada

Arms of Canada


Discontinued version of the arms of Canada

Arms of Canada


Discontinued version of the Government of Canada signature

Government of Canada signature


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