Pay for the public service

Pay services and system for Government of Canada employees and rates of pay.

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Services and information

Pay services and system

Accessing and updating pay details for public service employees, what to do when having pay issues, changes in work situations and pay, news and progress on pay

Collective agreements

Public service rates of pay, working conditions, terms and conditions of employment, and leave provisions

Claims for Phoenix losses and damages

Advances, reimbursement and compensation for damages due to the Phoenix pay system

An integrated strategy for human resources and pay

Learn about our progress in exploring a new modern human resources and pay solution

Pay Equity

Learn about equal pay for work of equal value in the federal public service.

Rates of pay

Rates of pay for public service employees

Search rates of pay for employees of the public service who are represented by a union.

Rates of pay for unrepresented and senior excluded employees

Find information about rates of pay in the federal public service, including public service employees who are not represented by a union and senior excluded public service employees.

Student rates of pay

See the rates of pay for high school and post-secondary students working in the federal public service.

Rates of pay for the Canadian Armed Forces

Access the rates of pay for officers and non-commissioned members of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Rates of pay for the RCMP

Access the rates of pay for regular members of the RCMP.


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