Call for Proposals to Address GBV through Promising Practices and Community-based Research: Glossary

We are no longer accepting applications for this call for proposals. The deadline for applications was February 8, 2023, at 12:00 p.m. (noon) Pacific time.

9. Glossary

Action or change-oriented
Work that is useful to communities to make positive social change and promote equality.
At-risk or underserved populations

Violence affects all people in different ways. However, some populations are more at risk of violence because of oppression. Also, some populations are further at risk:

  • Indigenous women
  • Black or racialized women
  • non-binary, gender diverse and 2SLGBTQI+ and Two-Spirit people
  • those living in Northern, rural, and remote communities
  • women living with disabilities
  • non-status and temporary status migrant, immigrant, and refugee women
  • children and youth

The intersection of identity factors compounds a person’s risk for violence.

Community-based organization
Group that works at the local or regional level to represent and address community needs.
Relevant to those in the community most affected by the issue under study.
GBV sector
The GBV sector works to end GBV. It includes people, organizations, networks, coalitions, and governments.
Gender-based violence
Violence based on gender, gender expression, gender identity, or perceived gender. It takes many forms, including physical, economic, sexual, as well as emotional abuse.
Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA Plus)
GBA Plus is a process used to assess how diverse people may experience policies and programs. The “plus” in GBA Plus shows that GBA goes beyond sex and gender differences. We all have many identity factors that intersect to make us who we are. It also considers many other identity factors like ethnicity and age.
Human trafficking

Occurs when one person controls another to exploit them sexually or for forced labour. It is also referred to as trafficking in persons.

  • Sexual exploitation: Occurs when one person forces another to perform sexual acts. They can use violence, threats, and document or money confiscation.
  • Forced labour: Occurs when one person forces another to work. They can use violence, threats, fear, debt bondage, and document or money confiscation.
Engagement of men and boys as allies in the prevention of GBV
It involves encouraging men and boys to engage in social change. For instance, they can help to end harmful stereotypes, promote healthy relationships, and support human rights. By using and sharing their power and privilege, men and boys can shift norms on gender and masculinity. They can also help challenge the beliefs, practices, and systems that drive gender inequality.
Refers to the outcomes or effects produced by an intervention.
Relevant community members take part in all stages of research.
Project evaluation

An evaluation is the assessment of a project or practice. It considers its design, implementation, and results as a way of learning and a commitment to results. The aim is to see if it met its objectives, and whether the project or practice was efficient, effective. It also considers its impact and sustainability.

Promising practice

A promising practice is a program, service, strategy, or policy that shows potential. It may be in the earlier stages of implementation and show potential of having a significant impact. It is adaptable and shows some evidence of having a significant impact. It would show more evidence of effectiveness than an emerging practice but would not yet be a best practice.

  • An Emerging practice is quite innovative, so much so that it has not yet built up much in way of evidence.
  • A best practice is one where there is proof that is it successful across several cases. It relies on rigorous evidence such as through a randomized control trial or a systematic review. It is an intervention, program, service, strategy, or policy that has demonstrated high impact, adaptability, and quality of evidence.
Results or outcomes
Results are the intended effects of an intervention. They can be short-term, medium-term, or long-term in nature. Short-term results link to the outputs of an initiative. They can be an increase or a decrease in something targeted by the program or initiative. For example: Financial literacy skills increased because of the project. Medium-term results are a change in behaviour in a population based on short-term results. For example: Participants used the financial literacy skills they learned during the project. Long-term results present a change in state, stemming from the change in behaviour. For example, women have increased their long-term savings.
To scale

To scale is to build on a promising practice that strengthens the GBV sector. It builds, promotes, and supports the uptake of a promising practice to reduce the prevalence of GBV. It improves supports and services for people who have experienced GBV. The Department funds 3 types of projects that scale a promising practice:

  • Replication of an existing promising practice in a new location or with a new population
  • Use of the promising practice to advocate for change in law and policy
  • Work with partners to increase wrap-around supports in a community
Survivor is a term that describes someone who has experienced violence. It reflects that many people who experience abuse cope and move on with strength and resourcefulness.
Survivor engagement
Survivor engagement is to work with survivors to embed their voice to develop and put in place an initiative. It also offers opportunities to develop supportive relationships, learn skills to work on social change.
Trauma-informed approach
An approach that considers the lasting effects of trauma on survivors. It adapts information, resources, and services to foster survivors’ safety, respect, and empowerment.
A person who suffered physical or emotional harm, property damage, or economic loss as a result of a crime. Some victims prefer to identify as a survivor.

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