Open calls for proposals: Eligibility

Call for proposals 1: Women’s Economic and Leadership Opportunities Fund
Call for proposals 2: Women’s Capacity Fund

We are no longer accepting applications for this call for proposals. The deadline for applications was November 8, 2023, at 12:00 p.m. (noon) Pacific time.

2. Eligibility


All applicants under these calls for proposals must meet the following criteria:

Only the following organizations may apply to Call 1: Systemic change:

Only the following organizations may apply to Call 2: Capacity-building:

For these calls for proposals, we will use the following definitions for eligibility:

For both calls, applicants that are not eligible include:


You can only apply to one call for proposals and one stream. This means that you can only apply to one of the following: 

Table 1. Maximum funding amounts
Call for proposals Maximum amount for a project with a local reach Maximum amount for a project with a regional, provincial, territorial, interprovincial or interterritorial reach Maximum amount for a project with a pan-Canadian reach

Call 1: Systemic change

Stream A: a new systemic change project

up to $350,000

up to $575,000

up to $800,000

Call 1: Systemic change

Stream B: scale a successful systemic project

up to $600,000

up to $600,000

up to $1,500,000

Call 2: Capacity-building

up to $125,000

up to $375,000

up to $500,000

Consider the following notes:


Projects should start no earlier than March 2024

You must complete your project by:


Before starting an application, we encourage you to take the free online course: Introduction to Gender-based Analysis Plus (GBA Plus).

GBA Plus is a process used to assess how diverse people may experience policies and programs. The “plus” in GBA Plus shows that GBA goes beyond sex and gender differences. We all have many identity factors that intersect to make us who we are. It also considers many other identity factors like ethnicity and age.

Eligible activities

Before starting an application, we encourage you to attend a virtual information session.

All activities must align with these calls for proposals’ objectives.

Call 1: Systemic change

In Stream A, your project must propose a new systemic change project. It must include an external project evaluation to measure and assess the project’s impact. This includes an evaluation plan and a final evaluation report. If your work plan and budget do not include an external evaluation, you will need to add it to your project if approved. No additional funds will be available after approval.

In Stream B, your project must propose to scale a successful systemic change project. The proposed project must:

Examples of activities in line with Streams A and B include to:

Call 2: Capacity-building

Project activities could improve:


For both calls for proposals, we will prioritize proposals:

Ineligible activities

The department will not support activities that:

The following activities will only be eligible as part of a broader project if they are necessary to advance these calls for proposals’ objectives:


The department will only fund eligible costs. Eligible costs are those that are necessary to support the purpose of the project. We will only reimburse eligible costs incurred after the signature of the agreement. Read the Guidelines on Eligible Expenditures for Funding Programs for more information. 

Total government funding for the project must not exceed 100% of eligible costs. This includes federal, provincial, territorial, and municipal assistance for the same goal.  We will adjust the level of funding and seek reimbursement if necessary.

There are two categories of eligible costs:

The department will determine the final value of funding. 

Eligible costs 

The department will fund as many projects as possible to have a greater impact, but funding is limited. Please only request eligible costs that are necessary to deliver the project. This allows other projects to be funded. For these calls for proposals, eligible costs include: 

Direct costs (necessary to deliver activities):

Administrative costs (necessary to manage and support the project):

Include audit costs for projects of $300,000 and above in your administrative costs. The department requires the following on an annual basis:

Administrative costs can be up to 20% of the total funding requested from the department. 

Ineligible costs 

Ineligible costs include:

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