6 Canadian Combat Support Brigade

Who We Are

The 6th Canadian Combat Support Brigade (6 CCSB) is an adaptable and capable formation providing combat enabling support across the Full Spectrum of Operations (FSO) in order to achieve the Canadian Army (CA) and Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) objectives.

Stood up in April 2018, 6 CCSB generates professional, specialized, and resilient high-readiness forces that provide sustained, scalable and coordinated combat support enablers and effects to operations.

What We Do

6 CCSB is a mixed team of Regular Force and Primary Reserve soldiers, supported by civilians, who operate alongside Whole-of-Government (WoG) colleagues, non-governmental agencies, and coalition partners to support CAF missions.

Formations and Units


For more information about the vehicles and weapons used by the Canadian Army, visit our Equipment page.

Command Team

Commander - Colonel Frédéric Pruneau

Frédéric Pruneau,

Brigade Sergeant Major: Chief Warrant Officer Stephane Daigle

Brigade Sergeant Major:
Chief Warrant Officer
Dave R. Limon

Our History

The 6th Canadian Combat Support Brigade originated as the Canadian Army Enablers Group (CAEG) in April 2014. While many of the combat enablers existed independently prior to the Afghanistan campaign, it was the experience of that conflict that highlighted the operational impact of synchronizing and integrating effects across the information operations domain. The Canadian Army Enablers Group was created to institutionalize these lessons into the greater Canadian Army.

Originally formed as part of the Canadian Army Doctrine and Training Centre, the 6th Canadian Combat Support Brigade was transferred to the command of the 5th Canadian Division to reflect the sustained operational support of the brigade.

Contact Us

6th Canadian Combat Support Brigade - Public Affairs
Tel. 613-541-5010
Email: Terrilyn.McLaren@forces.gc.ca

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