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Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Canada's Army: Current Possibilities and Future Challenges

May 2, 2022 - Major Geoffrey Priems and Peter Gizewski

Reading Time: 45 min  content from Canadian Army Journal

Interest in the military applications of artificial intelligence (AI) is growing worldwide. Indeed, much like a number of other advances in technology, AI is increasingly viewed as a potentially significant enabler of military effectiveness.

Not surprisingly, interest in the implications that AI holds for the Canadian Army (CA) and the possibilities that exist for its adoption are on the rise. Questions concerning how and to what extent AI may be employed to potentially benefit the realization of Close Engagement: Land Power in an Age of Uncertainty, the Canadian Army’s capstone operating concept, and enhance the conduct of the Army’s five operational functions, are particularly salient. So too are questions concerning the challenges that could confront the effective adoption of AI and the measures required to surmount them.

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