Protecting the environment

Canadians expect the environment and the economy to go hand in hand. The government is committed to meeting our emissions reduction targets, growing the economy and building resilience to a changing climate.

That is why every dollar the federal government earns from the Trans Mountain Expansion (TMX) project will be invested in Canada’s clean energy transition.

Complemented by generational investments in Canada’s oceans and clean technology, the TMX project is clear evidence that Canada can grow its economy and deliver its natural resources to international markets while safeguarding the environment and advancing reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.

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Reducing emissions

Learn more about how the government is taking action to reduce carbon pollution from the project.

Canada Energy Regulator’s recommendations

Explore the 16 recommendations that will mitigate, avoid or lessen potential effects associated with the project and related marine shipping.

Taking action on pipeline and marine safety

Find out how we are making sure that all pipelines are assessed, regulated, operated and maintained in the right way and how we are making our marine safety system stronger.

It is estimated that incremental federal corporate income tax revenues from the project alone could be $500 million per year once the project is in service. This money, as well as any profit from the sale of the pipeline, will be invested in clean energy projects that will power our homes, businesses and communities for generations to come.

Canada’s approach on climate change

Our approach on climate change is ambitious, but sensible. We recognize that we must bring Canadians together across the country, ensuring people continue to have good jobs and communities thrive as we move toward a cleaner future.

An economy-wide transition takes time, but we are well underway thanks to Canada’s climate plan, the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change.

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What about our Paris target?

The project will not undermine our ability to meet the government’s Paris target.

The emissions associated with the project are already accounted for in our national emission projections, which show us on track to meeting our target. The transition to a low-carbon economy cannot happen overnight. Oil and gas remains an important part of the world’s energy mix and a source of good, middle-class jobs here at home.

The government is taking action to further reduce emissions in this sector through innovation, technology and clean energy solutions. We have a national plan in place with over 50 measures, including a price on pollution and a 100-megatonne cap on greenhouse gas emissions from the oil sands.

Key areas of action

Bolstering Marine Safety

Since the Oceans Protection Plan was launched, over 50 measures have been announced to support in marine safety, research and ecosystem protection.

Protecting Oceans and the Southern Resident Killer Whale

The government is taking unprecedented action to help protect our coasts and preserve at-risk species.

Strengthening Emergency Response

Our emergency response system ensures Canada is ready and able to respond quickly to spills in Canadian waters.

Advancing Cumulative Effects Management

The government is establishing a shared approach to better understand coastal ecosystems and the potential effects of regional activity on the environment.

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