Summary of the evaluation of the Canada Music Fund 2012-13 to 2017-18

Evaluation Services Directorate
July 26, 2019

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Collective Initiatives
Canadian Music Memories
Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings
Music Entrepreneurs Component
New Musical Works
Canadian Heritage


The Canada Music Fund supports the activities of Canadian music artists and entrepreneurs. It aims to increase the creation of and access to a diversity of Canadian music for audiences everywhere by enhancing the sector’s ability to compete in domestic and international markets.

Funding component

Total funds for 2017-18: $27.3M

Music Entrepreneurs Component (MEC)

New Musical Works (NMW)

Collective Initiatives (CI)

Canadian Music Memories (CMM)


Program resources between 2012-13 and 2017-18
2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18
Operating Expenditures $1.24M $1.48M $1.39M $1.34M $1.28M $1.41M
Contributions $24.68M $23.55M $23.56M $23.68M $26.24M $27.29M
Total $25.92M $25.03M $24.95M $25.02M $27.52M $28.70M


Achievement of expected outcomes

Immediate Outcomes

Program desired outcomes Program achievements
  1. Collective projects provide opportunities for Canadian music artists and entrepreneurs to build skills and knowledge and foster innovation.
Increasing number of conferences, award shows and events funded.
  1. Supported entrepreneurs invest in the development of Canadian artists.
23.3%: Increase in the average number of Canadian artists represented by MEC recipients.
  1. A range of Canadian music is produced/published by the Canada Music Fund recipients.
498: Average number of albums produced and released each year by the program recipients.
  1. Domestic, international and digital market development initiatives and performances are organized.

46.4%: Increase in the number of NMW projects funded.

123%: Increase of CI international marketing projects.

  1. Existing Canadian musical works are acquired and preserved.
Targets of acquisition and digitization of Canadian musical works exceeded.

Intermediate Outcome

Program desired outcomes Program achievements
Canadian music supported by the program is accessed in Canada and abroad.

8%: Domestic target of market share for recipients' albums, achieved through evaluation period.

6%: Domestic target of market share for recipients' streaming of songs by 2022, well on the way of achievement.

Ultimate Outcome

Program desired outcomes Program achievements
A broad range of Canadian music is consumed in Canada and abroad. Canada ranked as third largest music exporter.

The need for modernization

The music industry has undergone significant changes and challenges:

Due to these challenges, the need for the Canada Music Fund to modernize has been widely acknowledged. The program recently received approval to implement significant changes including:


The Evaluation Services Directorate proposes that a subsequent evaluation of the first 18-24 months of the modernization be conducted in order to assess the improvement of the performance measurement through the new flexibility of the program delivery. Additionally, the evaluation will assess how the program has addressed the internal incoherencies associated with the multiple components of the program and reduced the patchwork effect.

  1. The approved modernization of the Canada Music Fund should be expected to address many aspects of the Program which have been widely acknowledged as out-of-date.
  2. Given the recent modernization that is being implemented, no recommendations were made.

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