2018 – Anniversaries of significance in Canada

100th anniversary of women winning the right to vote in federal elections

Commemorative stamp showing a woman with a sign that says ”Votes for women”.
Source: Canada Post © 1967. Reproduced with permission

Learn more about the women’s suffrage movement which was a decades-long struggle intended to address fundamental issues of equity and justice and to improve the lives of Canadians. Although not all women were enfranchised because other barriers remained, the elimination of gender reflected a change in attitude and was an important step toward equality for women in Canadian society.

100th anniversary of the Spanish Flu

Men wearing masks during the Spanish Influenza epidemic
Credit: Library and Archives Canada/ Natural Resources Canada fonds/a025025

Did you know? The Spanish flu is the most devastating pandemic in recorded world history. Spanish influenza appeared during the First World War, and made its way into even the most remote communities in Canada.
An estimated 50 million people died worldwide, including an estimated 50,000 Canadians. The establishment of the federal Department of Health in 1919 was a direct result of the epidemic. It also contributed to the Improvement of public health care systems and vaccine development, of which Canada is now a world leader.

10th anniversary of the Government of Canada’s formal apology to former students of Indian Residential Schools

Cree students at their desks with their teacher in a classroom, All Saints Indian Residential School, Lac La Ronge, Saskatchewan, March 1945
Source: Library and Archives Canada/National Film Board of Canada fonds/a134110

On June 11, 2008, in moving towards healing, reconciliation and resolution of the sad legacy of Indian Residential Schools, the Government of Canada made a Statement of Apology to former students of Indian Residential Schools. Years of work by survivors, communities, and Aboriginal organizations culminated in an agreement that gives us a new beginning and an opportunity to move forward together in partnership.

200th anniversary of the establishment of the 49th parallel

A general map of the routes in British North America explored by the expedition under Captain Palliser during the years 1857, 1858, 1859, 1860 [cartographic material] : compiled from observations and reports of Captain Palliser and his officers, including the maps constructed by Dr. Hector and other authentic documents
Source: Library and Archives Canada/e010771653

Did you know? The Convention of 1818 was a treaty between the United States and Britain that set the 49th parallel of latitude as the boundary between British North America and the US across the West. This remains the boundary today between the two nations.

Other milestone anniversaries

Canadians will have many other opportunities in 2018 and 2019 to celebrate our country’s history. Below are examples of other significant anniversaries that have helped shape the Canada that we know today:

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