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Transcript of LCol Charles-Michel d’Irumberry de Salaberry

[Canadian Heritage signature]

Narrator: "This capsule is presented by Canadian Heritage."

[The torso and head of the bronze statue of LCol Charles-Michel d’Irumberry de Salaberry]

Narrator: "This statue depicts Charles-Michel d’Irumberry de Salaberry at the peak of his military career, as a lieutenant-colonel in the British army commanding a corps of volunteers—the Canadian Voltigeurs—during the War of 1812."

[Portrait of de Salaberry]

Narrator: "Born in Beauport, Quebec, de Salaberry came from a long line of military men. Not surprisingly, he enlisted at the age of 14 and served in Europe and the West Indies."

[Close-up of the head]

Narrator: "He earned a commission as captain-lieutenant at age 19, and took command of a company a few years later."

[Illustration of de Salaberry defending the Chateauguay River]

Narrator: "With an invasion by the United States looming, the British appointed de Salaberry to help defend the Chateauguay River, a potential route for an attack on Montreal."

[Close-up of the head]

Narrator: "To make the most of his limited resources de Salaberry trained the Voltigeurs, a light infantry militia, as regular soldiers. Most of the men were French Canadian, like de Salaberry, and weren’t keen to fight alongside British soldiers. Relying on his military training, an inherited sense of honour and strict discipline, de Salaberry rallied his troops and successfully warded off an attack by a much larger force.

The victory prevented Lower Canada from falling into American hands."

[The statue, view from the bottom to the top]

Narrator: "He was hailed as a hero, and became one of the most respected soldiers of his time.

After the war, de Salaberry served as justice of the peace for various district courts, and became a legislative councillor for Lower Canada."

[Portrait of Marlene Hilton Moore]

Narrator: "Listen to the clip by the artist, Marlene Hilton Moore to find out more about the creation of this sculpture."

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