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Transcript of General Sir Isaac Brock

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Narrator: "This capsule is presented by Canadian Heritage."

[The bronze statue of Brock]

Narrator: "Sir Isaac Brock was a British military hero who helped change the course of Canada’s history. Many credit his leadership during the War of 1812 for preventing the United States from taking over the British colony of Upper Canada—today’s Ontario."

[Close-up of the head of the statue]

Narrator: "After several successes in European battles, Brock was put in charge of all British forces in Upper Canada in 1810. The United States seemed poised to invade and diminish Great Britain’s colonial holdings. This is less than 40 years after the Revolutionary War, when the Americans claimed their independence.

Brock quickly set to work on war preparations. He amended legislation to expand the militia, stepped up military training and built up defenses at key forts. He also made alliances with First Nation leaders such as Tecumseh."

[Close-up of the torso of the statue]

Narrator: "When the United States declared war in June of 1812, Brock acted quickly. A surprise attack on Fort Mackinac, at the northern tip of Lake Huron, was successful."

[Portrait of Brock]

Narrator: "Brock then led a brilliant campaign near present-day Detroit. Against a much larger force, he managed to capture Fort Detroit and its valuable supplies.

In October of that year, Brock was killed during the Battle of Queenstown Heights, along the Niagara River."

[Close-up of the head of the statue]

Narrator: "And while the war dragged on for another two years, Brock’s preparations—and his courage under fire—helped ensure that the colonies remained intact."

[Portrait of Marlene Hilton Moore]

Narrator: "Listen to the clip by the artist, Marlene Hilton Moore to find out more about the creation of this sculpture."

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