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Transcript of The War of 1812 Monument, Triumph Through Diversity

Narrator: “This capsule is presented by Canadian Heritage”

[Canadian Heritage signature]

[The painting of a battlefield during the 1812 war]

Narrator: “The newest monument on Parliament Hill, Triumph Through Diversity, commemorates the War of 1812.”

[The bronze monument, the sculptor Adrienne Alison in front of the monument]

Narrator: “Created by Canadian sculptor Adrienne Alison, it was unveiled in 2014—nearly 200 years after the end of the conflict.”

[The monument, the painting of a battlefield during the 1812 war

Narrator: “From June of 1812 until February of 1815, Britain and the United States were at war… and Canada was the battleground. Major battles were fought in Upper and Lower Canada—today’s Ontario and Quebec— …”

[The painting of British and American ships during the 1812 war]
Narrator: “… as well as on the Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean, and in the United States.”

[The monument, the painting of a British Commandant shaking hands with the Chief of the native allies]

Narrator: “During the War of 1812, the British Army and Royal Navy, aboriginal allies, and English- and French-speaking militiamen collaborated to defeat the American invasion.”

[Different shots of the monument]

Narrator: “As you move around the monument, you can see how the figures represent the people of diverse backgrounds who came together to protect Canada.

“An Aboriginal warrior points into the distance. A sailor of the Royal Navy pulls a rope. A woman bandages the wrist of a wounded French-Canadian Voltigeur, an elite infantry soldier. A Métis fighter readies a cannon. A British Regular fires a musket, and a member of the Canadian militia raises his arm in triumph to celebrate victory.

“The figures have been sculpted in a realistic manner.

“They are cast in bronze and stand on a rough granite base that recalls the rugged Canadian landscape. The figures are bordered by two smooth granite boats symbolizing the ships used by the Royal Navy.”

[Adrienne Alison in front of the bronze monument]

Narrator: “To learn more about the sculpture, listen to this clip by Canadian artist Adrienne Alison.”

[Canada wordmark]

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