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With digital platforms changing how culture is created and distributed, Canadian creative businesses must now, more than ever, be competitive on a global level. Entering new markets and seizing new business opportunities have become a necessity for the economic success of a number of creative businesses.

Exporting can be profitable for businesses of all sizes, including small and medium. Exporting largely leads to increased sales. By selling abroad, the whole world becomes your buyer.

Learn about the various aspects of exporting to help your business succeed and expand internationally.

Evaluate your readiness for exporting

Exporting is a big step that requires preparation. The best way to start is by evaluating your organizational capabilities to reveal your potential for growth. The Business Development Bank of Canada's International Growth Potential service will help you assess your potential for international expansion.

Identify and research your market

To succeed in exporting, you must first identify the best international markets for your business. Selecting the appropriate market and sharpening your focus is one of the most important decisions for any creative entrepreneur looking to export.

Find out more about exporting and international expansion. The Business Development Bank of Canada outlines tips on the 3 essential steps for entering a international market.

Create a business plan and strategy

Your business plan is a crucial – it says who you are, describes your business and shows how you will generate profits. A properly formulated business plan will help you gain the confidence of investors and stakeholders. Get tips on preparing a winning business plan.

Having a sound business strategy to guide your decisions and actions is also critical to your long-term growth. Business Development Bank of Canada can help you define the right goals for your creative business. Seek support to develop the strategies to achieve your goals while ensuring you have the right resources to make it all happen.

Enter a market and meet your buyers

On-the-ground assistance is fundamental for exporters to make their business plan a reality. Networking, finding buyers, building partnerships and matching businesses in key markets can foster successful and profitable exporting for Canadian creators and creative entrepreneurs. Learn how we can help you meet new buyers.

Learn about funding programs for exporters of creative goods and services

There are a number of funding opportunities for creators and creative businesses who wish to export. Explore a range of funding programs that can provide support as you expand globally.

Find out valuable information about trade rules and agreements

There are technical aspects to consider when exporting goods and services. Learn about the basics of trade regulations, rules and agreements, and tariffs, and most importantly, how they impact your business and your exports.

Get insight on intellectual property and copyright

Intellectual property (IP) rights give creators the ability to control, be recognized, and get paid fairly for their work. It also protects against unauthorized use of one's work. However, IP protections vary country to country. Learn more about why it is crucial to enter foreign markets armed with an IP strategy to protect and enforce your rights.

Ask the experts

In 161 offices around the world and across Canada, trade commissioners provide expert advice and problem-solving skills to Canadian companies —whether you export, partner, or invest abroad. To find a contact, get in touch with the Trade Commissioner Service.

Bringing your creative business or product to a new country? Connect with Export Development Canada representatives and local experts that can help open more doors for you around the world. Speak with a Trade Advisor today to learn how.

Business Development Bank of Canada's national network of consultants and highly experienced specialists can help your business scale up, be more productive, innovate and globalize. Get objective, practical advice on a range of subjects to help solve management challenges.

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