Visiting Canada’s Capital Region

Canada’s Capital Region includes Ottawa, Gatineau and 11 other municipalities in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec. Three great rivers cut through a landscape of rolling hills and fields. A dramatic array of towered roofs at its centre marks the seat of Canadian government. Boats slip through the waters of the Rideau Canal, and scarlet-coated guards march toward Parliament Hill.

This very modern and vibrant capital — a place where two distinct cultures live together — is also home to many national treasures. But its soul lies in the larger-than-life monuments, the great Canadian festivals, the natural surroundings, the heritage buildings and landscapes, the cosmopolitan culture, and the sense of history. Canada’s Capital Region will appeal to visitors in search of gastronomic discovery, shopping, educational or outdoor activities and art lovers alike. It will attract visitors interested in participating in night life, festivities and social events. Visit us to learn more about the natural and cultural heritage of Canada.

With so many things to do and places to visit our vast array of visitor services will help you make the most out of your stay.

Many ways to discover the capital

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