Additional references and resources

Conservation guidelines for outdoor murals by Debra Daly Hartin, Senior Paintings Conservator, Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI).


  • Conservation (the Getty Conservation Institute Newsletter), Volume 18, Number 2, .

    The entire issue is devoted to outdoor murals. Articles include:

    • "The Conservation of Outdoor Contemporary Murals" (by Leslie Rainer)
    • "Preserving Art in Public Places; A Discussion about Mural Painting and Conservation"
    • "The Painted Murals of Cambridge – Maintaining the City's Collection" (by Hafthor Yngvason)
    • "Mural Painting and Conservation in the Americas: A Symposium" (by Kristin Delly)
  • Conservation and Maintenance of Contemporary Public Art (by Hafthor Yngvason). Cambridge, MA: The Cambridge Arts Council / London, UK: Archetype Publications, .
  • Just Paint (Golden Artist Colors Newsletter) (PDF Version, 175 KB), Number 10, .
    The entire issue is devoted to Mural Production and includes a Mural Quick Reference Guide.
  • Military Wall Art: Guidelines on its Significance, Conservation and Management. English Heritage, .
  • Model Agreements for Visual Artists: A Guide to Contracts in the Visual Arts (by Paul Sanderson). Toronto: Canadian Artists Representation Ontario, .
  • Mural Paints: Current and Future Formulations (PDF Version, 287 KB) (by Mark Golden), .
  • Mural Production: A Resource Handbook, Mural Routes Inc., Scarborough, .

    An easy to read guide on many aspects of mural production including excellent technical advice from an experienced artist. It is an excellent resource for communities who are considering a mural or mural program.


  • Canadian Association of Professional Conservators (CAPC)

    The CAPC provides a list of accredited conservators in Canada as well as information on what to expect from a professional conservator.

  • Chicago Public Art Group (CPAG)

    The CPAG provides excellent information on community public art projects, including a practical guide on creating community murals.

  • Getty Conservation Institute.

    Mural Painting and Conservation in the Americas (conference in ).

    Modern Paints

  • Golden Artist Colours, Inc.

    Provides guidelines to artists on painting exterior murals, ratings of their products in terms of lightfastness and permanence, and recommendations on specific pigments and products.

  • Mural Routes, Inc.

    With a mission to teach, learn, and share valuable insight on mural art, this organization publishes a mural newsletter, hosts annual symposia and meetings, and runs a website that contains useful resources and links. The website provides a mural map of Canada, a forum for questions and answers, and additional information on mural production including sample artist contracts.

  • Philadelphia Mural Arts Program (MAP)

    This public art program works in partnership with community residents, grassroots organizations, government agencies, educational institutions, corporations, and philanthropies to design and create murals of enduring value while actively engaging youth in the process. Since its inception in , approximately 2400 murals have been created throughout Philadelphia.

  • Rescue Public Murals

    A program within the United States national nonprofit organization Heritage Preservation, Rescue Public Murals is bringing attention to murals in the United States to document their artistic and historic significance and secure the expertise and support to save them.

  • Social and Public Art Resource Center (SPARC)

    Founded in by muralist Judith F. Baca, painter Christina Schlesinger, and filmmaker Donna Deitch, this organization produces, preserves, and conducts educational programs about community-based public art works.

  • View Access

    The View Access website provides a link to the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standards referenced in the federal, provincial, and territorial Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) regulations and to all Canadian jurisdictions. Information on various training courses is also available.

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