Condition Report and Inspection Record

The Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI) would like to assist you in creating and maintaining outdoor murals that will remain a source of beauty and community pride for many years. An annual inspection and documentation of your murals is an important first step in an ongoing maintenance program, and we are pleased to provide you with this Condition Report form to assist you with this task. The first part of this form ("Record of Materials, Condition and Maintenance Recommendations") requests detailed information on the mural and the site. This only needs to be filled in once and will be important information for your files. The second part of the form, ("Inspection Record") (one page, front and back), can be used for your annual inspections.

By recording the materials and condition of your murals and retaining the report in your files, changes in condition from year to year can be readily detected. This will allow you to address problems and deterioration before major unsightly and perhaps irreparable damage occurs.

For more information on how to track your inspection of outdoor murals, view the Outdoor mural condition report form.

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