Facilities assessments

The Canadian Conservation Institute's (CCI) facilities assessments include on-site technical assessments of Canadian museums, archives and historic sites and focus on the conservation needs of the collections in their facilities. CCI experts provide advice on storage, display and exhibition conditions, security and fire prevention measures, the museum environment, lighting and pest control. Advisory services for capital projects for new collection facilities or major renovations are also available through this service.

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To all Canadian museums, art galleries, archives, libraries and historic sites. Have you been wondering whether there is something you could be doing differently to keep your collection in top shape?

[On screen: 10 small illustrations representing physical forces, thieves and vandals, fire, water, pests light, ultraviolet and infrared, incorrect temperature, incorrect relative humidity, and  dissociation.]

Are you planning upgrades or new facilities and want to make the best choices for your collection?

The Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI) works with heritage institutions and professionals to ensure heritage collections are preserved and accessible to Canadians now and in the future.

Our CCI experts will travel anywhere in Canada for a two-day visit to your organization, provide an on-site technical assessment and prepare a full report with recommendations.

We take into account your collection and how it is used, as well as your experience and concerns working in your facilities. Each assessment reviews where collections are stored and displayed, including galleries, reading rooms, collection workspaces and collection storage, as well as non-collection spaces.

Our comprehensive approach is based on the 10 agents of deterioration and emphasizes preventive conservation.

[On screen: 10 small illustrations representing physical forces, thieves and vandals, fire, water, pests light, ultraviolet and infrared, incorrect temperature, incorrect relative humidity, and dissociation.] We analyze security and fire prevention measures, the museum environment, lighting and pest management.

We encourage you to apply for a facility assessment by one of our CCI experts if you think this service could help you.

  • Our preventive conservation experts can offer a range of options for better collections care suited to any budget. We can also identify preservation problems that may have been overlooked and offer solutions before damage occurs.
  • CCI experts can provide you with recommendations to help you meet the requirements for Category A Designation or other similar programs.
  • As a third-party external opinion, CCI can support your institution's short‑term and long‑term plans.
  • CCI tailors the facility assessment report to your organization's needs, priorities and resources.
  • If you are planning for new collection facilities or major renovations, or if you are investing in upgrades or reorganizing, we can help you evaluate options.

Learn how you can take care of your collections even better by reaching out to the Canadian Conservation Institute.

Canadian Conservation Institute

For more information on applying, eligibility and fees:


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This video explains CCI’s facilities assessments service. This video was created by the Canadian Conservation Institute.

Who can apply?

Our primary clients include museums, archives, libraries and historic sites, whose principal role is to acquire, conserve, communicate, exhibit (for purposes of study, education and enjoyment) and conduct research on permanent heritage collections that are accessible to the Canadian public. The majority of expert services provided on-site at CCI are provided to these clients without cost. CCI also delivers expert services and training to public authorities and other organizations in Canada that are responsible for heritage objects or collections, on the basis of partial or full cost recovery.

How to apply

To apply, complete the Facilities assessment request form.


For more information on fees, please consult the following:

Application period

  • You can apply at any point in the calendar year.
  • Note that when you are applying, it is for services to be delivered in the next fiscal year (April 1 to March 31).
  • Every year, the application period for the next fiscal year closes on November 30.
  • After the November 30 deadline, we evaluate the applications that we have received.
  • We will inform all applicants of the results of the evaluation by January 30.

Response to requests

CCI will respond to requests within three weeks of receipt to confirm that the application is complete and the request eligible for consideration. Clients will be informed if their request has been accepted or denied within eight weeks of the November 30 application cut-off date. Clients whose requests have been accepted will be told what terms, conditions and fees (if any) will apply.

How are requests evaluated?

Requests are evaluated against the criteria for assessment of service requests.

Terms and conditions

Successful applicants will be required to agree to the following terms and conditions (1 to 13).

Client satisfaction standard

Clients who receive services from CCI will receive an evaluation questionnaire based on the following 11 quality parameters:

  • application process
  • acknowledgement of the initial request
  • explanation of fees
  • explanation of service to be provided
  • communication during the project
  • promptness of service
  • quality of service
  • usefulness of service
  • quality of written material provided (e.g. report)
  • dealings with staff (friendly, courteous and helpful)
  • overall value

Contact us

To submit requests for scientific or technical advice, please contact the Canadian Conservation Institute.

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