Vaccination at federal correctional institutions

Correctional Service Canada (CSC) COVID:19 vaccine roll-out

Vaccines administered to federal inmates : This chart outlines vaccines administrated to federal inmates in institutions. CSC updates this table as the vaccines are administered.

The Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) continues to roll out its COVID-19 vaccination plans in accordance with National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) guidelines and has begun offering booster vaccines to offenders in institutions and community correctional centres (CCCs).

Under the Corrections and Conditional Release ActCSC has a legal obligation to provide essential health care to federally incarcerated inmates, including vaccine administration.

In January 2021, during phase one of the vaccine rollout, CSC vaccinated approximately 600 older, medically vulnerable inmates.

Beginning in mid-April, CSC began offering the COVID-19 vaccine to the remaining federal offender population and staff in 43 correctional institutions and 14 community correctional centres (CCCs) across Canada.

In November 2021, CSC began offering third doses to older, medically vulnerable inmates and shortly after that, booster vaccines to all offenders in institutions and CCCs who had their second dose over six months ago.

Offenders must consent to receiving the vaccine. CSC continues to raise awareness about vaccine safety and the importance of being vaccinated. Our health care staff continue to engage with inmates to provide education materials and answer their questions or concerns so they can make an informed decision.

The health and safety of our inmates, employees, and the public have been our top priority during this pandemic. The vaccine is the best defence to protect both offenders and staff against COVID-19 and, when paired with existing measures, will help to bolster our overall public health and safety. CSC will continue to work closely with the provinces and territories on its vaccinations plans and rollout.  

Health and safety measures, such as:

continue to apply once vaccines are administered. This ensures that layers of protection continue to be in place in our correctional institutions.

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