Security at Correctional Service Canada

Security is a top priority for Correctional Service Canada (CSC). It involves a constant focus on the safety of the public. It also means making sure that staff and inmates have a safe and secure place to work and live.

The most visible aspects of CSC's security efforts are those used on the front lines of institutions and parole offices.

Security classification

All CSC institutions are classified by security level. An offender is assigned to an institution of a specific security level based on the nature of their crime as well as other factors.

Institutional security

CSC provides a safe and secure environment for staff, visitors and offenders. This is done through security intelligence, drug prevention and other security efforts.

Community security

Many offenders live in a Community Correctional Centre when they are released into the community. This lets them be in the community while still living under 24-hour supervision.


There are several procedures that visitors must follow when visiting an institution. These are in place to ensure the safety of visitors as well as staff and offenders.

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