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Richard Veldhoen

National Chairperson

Richard Veldhoen is a retired Detective who served in the Calgary Police and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, where he worked closely with the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC). His experience with federal inmates in communities set his ethos on how Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) members should:

  • observe
  • liaise, and 
  • advise

CSC and their work: a balance between accountability and assistance. Richard also has experience as a Board and Executive member of several other community agencies and associations, and has been a member of the Calgary Parole Office CAC for 10 years, serving as Vice-Chairperson and Chairperson for 6 of them.

Eddy Elmer

Pacific Regional Chair and National Vice-Chairperson

Eddy Elmer is a PhD candidate in sociology and social gerontology. He focuses on:

  • social isolation
  • loneliness, and 
  • mental health

in marginalized groups, including sexual minority seniors and aging offenders. He became involved in corrections in 2018, when he joined the CAC for Metro Vancouver West Community Corrections. Since joining, he has raised the profile of CACs and promoted public understanding of corrections through interactive:

  • webinars
  • lectures, and 
  • media contributions

He was elected Pacific Regional Chair in May 2023, after serving over three years as Vice-chair of his local CAC at Metro Vancouver West Community Corrections, a position he still holds. In recognition of his commitment to CACs and public engagement, Eddy won the 2022 James A. Murphy Award for Excellence.

Greg Martin, Atlantic Regional Chair, Citizen Advisory Committee
Greg Martin

Atlantic Regional Chair

Greg Martin is a dedicated member of the Dorchester Penitentiary Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) in New Brunswick, who has devoted 12 years to advise CSC on policies, programs, and services. His passion for community service is further exemplified through his 35 years of fostering teenage boys. Greg's community leadership has been recognized through his election to the Tantramar Town Council, where he was subsequently elected Deputy Mayor. Greg has served as the Chair and Vice Chair for the committee and was elected the Atlantic Regional Chair in February 2024.

Josiane Despins

Quebec Regional Chair

Josiane Despins has been a member of the CAC at Drummond Institution since 2018 and has also been involved with the Regional Executive Committee since 2020. A criminologist with a master's in substance use intervention, Josiane now works with teenagers being monitored under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. Her involvement at CSC is driven by her interest in the impact of:

  • legislation
  • social policies
  • measures, and 
  • services

on individuals of all ages with a criminal record.

Maire Bracken

Ontario Regional Chair

Maire Bracken has been volunteering in the Toronto, High Park/ Junction community, in various capacities, for over 25 years. Maire joined the Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) at Keele Community Correctional Centre (CCC) in 2011. She served one term on the CAC Regional committee as Vice-Chair in 2017-2019 and was most recently elected to the Regional Chair position in 2021. Maire is a business consultant and has a background in Engineering and Psychology.

Prairie Regional Chair


Ingrid Schmidt

Past Chair

Ingrid Schmidt has been a member of the CAC at the La Macaza penitentiary since 2017. Ingrid has a Bachelor of Engineering from McGill University. After graduating in 1981, she worked as a research scientist and continued her studies in law in South Africa while starting a career in intellectual property. Since her retirement in 2015, she has completed a microprogram in Indigenous Studies at l'Université du Québec in

CSC Co-chair

April Dorion
Citizen Engagement
Communications and Engagement Sector
Correctional Service Canada
Cell: 613-618-2119

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