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Military capacities:

  • Level 2 Military Hospital (63 pers, estimated time to deployment: 18 months)
  • Section of Engineers (116 pers, estimated time to deployment: 2 years)
  • Reinforced Mechanized Infantry Company (190 pers, estimated time to deployment: three years)

Police capacities:

  • Individual Police Officers
  • Formed Police Unit (130-150 pers), 20% French-speaking personnel
  • Training Programs
  • SWAT-type Police Group (12 pers, English/French)
  • Specialized Police Teams (3-4 pers), specialized in criminal intelligence, organized crime, project management, training, forensic science and criminology
  • 20 Military Observers
  • 30 Staff Officers

  • Engineering Company with Counter-IED capabilities (140 pers)
  • Level 2 Field Hospital (70 pers)

  • Funding for the UN Medical Division in partnership with another Member State (Smart Pledge)
  • Expertise to support an update of the UN Military Expert on Mission Training Course
  • Funding to facilitate the attendance of women peacekeepers at training initiatives for UN deployment
  • Funding over three years to the US-based Peace Operations Training Institute towards E-Learning for African Peacekeepers
  • Exceeded UN’s target of 15% representation of women in UN operations
  • Committed first tranche of funding to the US-based Peace Operations Training Institute for enhanced Asia-Pacific E-Learning platform
  • Funding provided to UN for dissemination of Protection of Civilians guidelines and policy
  • Continue work with UN to raise to PCRS Level 3

  • Three Protection of Civilian training courses
  • Training Officer for a Mobile Training Team
  • Female Protection of Civilians expert for MINUSMA
  • At least 2 additional women peacekeepers as Military Observers or Staff Officers in 2018
  • Nuclear Biological Chemical (NBC) team and Staff Officers to UNIFIL (2018)
  • At least 2 additional women peacekeepers as Military Observers or Staff Officers in 2018
  • Nuclear Biological Chemical (NBC) team and Staff Officers to UNIFIL (2018)
  • Pledged firefighting unit for UNIFIL has been deployed
  • One additional Military Observer to MINURSO
  • Renewing commitment for UNIFIL´s Military Community Outreach Unit
  • Renewing pledge for up to 10 Staff Officers and up to 5 Military Observers for MINUSMA
  • Continued support to the UN in Protection of Civilians training
  • Renewing pledge for up to 10 Staff Officers and up to 5 Military Observers for MINUSMA
  • Continued support to the UN in Protection of Civilians training


Smart Pledges:

  • Infantry Battalion
  • Combat Logistic Battalion
  • Special Force Company
  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal Company
  • Engineer Construction Company
  • Transportation Company
  • Signal Intelligence Company
  • Bangladesh Formed Police Unit (BANFPU)
  • Police Guard Unit (PGU)

Other new pledges:

  • Infantry Battalion (BANBAT)
  • Quick Reaction Force
  • Special Operation Forces (BANSOF)
  • Other new pledges:
  • Infantry Battalion (BANBAT)
  • Quick Reaction Force
  • Special Operation Forces (BANSOF)
  • Force Protection/ FHQ Support Company
  • Bangladesh Airfield Services Unit (BANASU)
  • Bangladesh Formed Police Unit (Women)
  • Police Guard Unit (PGU)
  • Military Police (BANMP)
  • Military Staff Officer
  • Military Observer

At Rapid Deployment Level:

  • Engineer Company
  • Level 2 Hospital
  • Signal Company

Deployed to various UN missions:

  • Infantry Battalion
  • Engineer Company
  • Formed Police Unit

  • Two NH90 Helicopters
  • C130 Aircraft
  • ISTAR platoon
  • Intelligence Analysts

  • Strengthen company-sized infantry unit in MINUSMA to a light infantry battalion (600 pers)
  • Infantry battalion to MINUSCA
  • Level 1 field hospital
  • Engineering company
  • Light demining teams
  • Increase deployments to UN Military Observer and staff positions
  • Increase the number of women deployed on UN peacekeeping operations

  • Formed Police Unit/ Guard Unit, including 30 women policer officers
  • Force Protection Company to Rapid Deployment Level

  • Engineering company to Rapid Deployment Level (2018)
  • Military police unit to Rapid Deployment Level (2017)
  • Two demining companies

  • Infantry Battalion
  • Military Police Unit
  • Formed Police Unit

  • Women in Peace Operations Pilot – “The Elsie initiative”
  • Innovative Training
    • Training activities to meet systemic UN needs
    • Canadian Training and Advisory Team

Contribution of police and up to 600 military personnel

  • Tactical Airlift Support
  • Aviation Task Force
  • Quick Reaction Force
  • New Police missions being examined

  • Up to 40 military and police observers for the Verification Mission in Colombia
  • French language training for Chilean military officials
  • Seeking opportunities for cooperation with Member States and the UN Secretariat to build a smart pledge on training for peacekeeping operations
  • Will form alliances with like-minded countries on the WPS agenda to incite new initiatives
  • Deployed Staff Officers to MINUSCA
  • Preparing an engineering unit, registered with PCRS
  • Preparing a helicopter unit and a Level 2 medical team

  • To train 100 more female peacekeepers.
  • To offer peacekeeping courses in French.
  • To explore smart ways to cooperate with other countries regarding equipment for peacekeeping.
  • To help African countries establish their own peacekeeping training centers.
  • 8,000 standby forces generated and registered with the UN.
  • The first Chinese peacekeeping helicopter unit is in full operation in UNAMID.
  • Military medical, engineering and transportation units assigned to the standby forces.
  • Trained 1,000 foreign military peacekeepers.
  • Provide demining equipment to Cambodia, Laos, Egypt and ASEAN.
  • Agreement reached with the AU on the first phase of 100 Million USD in military aid.


A Joint Task Force (JTF), combining the three military services and the national police, totaling 900 pers

  • 760 military pers
  • 140 Police through a Formed Police Unit
  • 8% women
  • Ready for deployment in 2019
  • 16 Police officers deployed to Haiti
  • 1 Police officer deployed to Guinea-Bissau
  • 4 Military Observers deployed

  • Engineering company to deploy to UNIFIL in 2018

Czech Republic
  • Two UN Military Experts on Mission (MINUSMA)
  • Two Military Staff Officers (MINUSMA)

  • Military units to MINUSMA:
    • Combat transportation battalion
    • Additional Military Police platoon
    • Airborne Special Forces Company
    • Anti-mine armored vehicles
  • Pre-deployment specialized training, including on protection of civilians, child protection, and sexual exploitation/abuse
  • Encourage the participation of women Staff Officers in various UN peacekeeping functions
  • Extensive training for women cadres to compete for leadership positions in UN missions
  • Training & Capacity Building:
    • Host the United Nations National Planners Program (UN-NPP) in 2018
    • Readiness to host the roll-out of the new Specialized Training Materials on Conflict Related Sexual Violence
    • Interest in hosting a United Nations Senior Mission Leaders (UNSML) training course in French
    • Readiness to translate the UN Specialized Training Material on Conflict Related Sexual Violence into Arabic
  • To commit current pledges to the PCRS, including:
    • Mechanized infantry battalion
    • Heavy transport company
    • Level 2 field hospital
    • Military engineers company
  • One Formed Police Unit (140 pers)

  • Infantry battalion
  • Two Formed Police Units

European Union
  • Financial support for G5 Sahel countries to help increase security, boost cross-border cooperation, and start the Joint Force, in line with UN Security Council Resolution 2359
  • Host an international conference on the G5 Sahel in Brussels
  • Continue to support the G5 Joint Force with advising, training and capacity-building
  • Increased financial support to African Peace Facility
  • Agreed on administrative arrangements for the exchange of classified information and documents between EEAS and UN DPKO/DFS
  • Continue to work to further facilitate mutual EU-UN support in theatres of operations and hand-over equipment and facilities
  • Exploring options for cooperation on rapid response for a bridging or parallel EU operation, jointly with the UN

  • Mechanized Company for a new or existing UN Mission
  • Mechanized Battalion for UNIFIL
  • Formed Police Unit

  • Continue involvement in UNIFIL beyond 2018 (company-size unit)
  • Amphibious Task Unit
  • Deployable Chemical Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Lab
  • Special Forces Unit
  • 20 Individual Police Officers (20% women)
  • Capacity building in Africa
  • Training & Education

  • Financial contribution to UN Peace Operations
  • Contribution to UN Force Generation : 761 Blue helmets
  • Continued cooperation between the French military Operation Barkhane and MINUSMA
  • Pre-deployment Training by the French forces: 29,000 African soldiers/year
  • Contribution to pre-deployment Training through 320 embedded French military and police experts: 56,900 beneficiaries (80% in Africa)
  • Training of trainers: 70 French-speaking Military Staff Officers and reinforcements in the training teams in Africa
  • Training in French : 7,200 military and police officers
  • Training for military and police leadership of partners : 2,270 beneficiaries
  • Advice to French-speaking countries willing to participate in Peace Operations
  • French translations of UN doctrine

  • Infantry Battalion (850 pers)
  • Force Protection Company (180 pers)
  • Military Police Company (132 pers)
  • Military Observers (5)
  • Staff Officers (5)

  • Training courses to enhance operational effectiveness through women peacekeepers
  • Mobile training teams for pre-deployment training
  • 13 high-end military capabilities for UN peacekeeping operations, including air transport, reconnaissance, CIMIC, mine clearing, and a level 3 field hospital

  • Aero-Medical Team (AMET) to MONUSCO
  • Independent Infantry Company to UNMISS
  • Mechanized Infantry Battalion
  • Signal/Communication Squadron
  • Naval Patrol Unit
  • Riverine Unit
  • Aviation Unit
  • Level 2 Hospital

  • 10 military Staff Officers
  • 10 UN Military Observers
  • Rapid Deployment (60 days) of:
    • Infantry Battalion
    • Engineering Company
    • Signal Company
  • Transport Company
  • Level 2+ Hospital with 18 specialist doctors deployed to UNMISS (2016)
  • Infantry Battalion Group
  • Engineer Company
  • Signal Company
  • Deployment of 15% women Staff Officers/Military Observers
  • Training:
    • UN Female Military Officers Course
    • UN Peacekeeping Course for African Partners
    • 14 Mobile Training Teams deployed to five countries

  • Infantry Battalion (800 pers)
  • Formed Police Unit (180 pers, including women)
  • 100 Individual Police Officers (IPO), including 40 women police officers

  • Training for delivery at the UN Training School Ireland
  • Training for delivery in requesting country

  • Landing Platform Dock ship
  • Provision of educational training opportunities, capability gap ‘fillers’, to be implemented and defined on bilateral basis
  • 4 Utility Helicopters
  • Engineering Airfield construction and maintenance
  • Transport Airfield units, including ground handling services
  • Port operations unit
  • Transport Company
  • Special Operations Force Detachment
  • Force Protection Unit
  • Role 1 Hospital
  • Strategic Air Lift
  • Tactical UAV
  • Infantry Battalion
  • Signal Company
  • Engineer Company (EOD capable)
  • Outreach Unit

  • Establish an intermediate course for the African Rapid Deployment of Engineering Capabilities (ARDEC) Project
  • Financial contribution to the 2018 UN Women Female Military Officers Course (FMOC)
  • Ready to lead in establishing UN training standards and evaluation criteria for ARDEC
  • To deploy gender advisors as instructors to peacekeeping centers overseas
  • Considering dispatching women peacekeeper(s) to UNMISS HQ
  • Include women personnel in the ARDEC training team
  • Coordinate to register fixed-wing aircraft on PCRS to enable airlift support

  • Medium Utility Helicopter Unit to MINUSMA
  • Airfield Support Unit to MINUSMA
  • Medical Hospital
  • Infantry/ Mechanized Infantry Battalion
  • Special Operations Company
  • Explosive Ordinance Disposal/Improvised Explosive Device Unit(EOD/IED)

  • Infantry Company
  • Military Observers and Staff Officers

  • 2 Infantry battalions (850 pers each)
  • Engineer Squadron
  • Communication Information System [CIS] Squadron
  • Staff Officers and Observers, as requested
  • Offering the International Peace Support Training Centre [IPSTC] and the Humanitarian Peace Support School [HPSS] as Smart Training facilities available as Regional and International Centres

  • Force Protection Unit for MINUSMA

  • To deploy the first Mexican women to a UN peacekeeping operation (MINURSO in January 2018)
  • To increase the deployment of women personnel
  • Broaden participation in peacekeeping, including the deployment of police personnel (first deployment of this kind will be to) MINUJUSTH

  • Level 2 Hospital
  • Police
  • Engineering Company

  • Level 1 Medical unit
  • Aeromedical evacuation team
  • Level 4 Hospital (Rabat)
  • 35 officers (15 staff officers, 20 military observers including women) to UN peacekeeping

  • Support to the UN in mitigating IED threats
  • Support to the UN in target areas, i.e. military medicin
  • Continue to promote increased levels of women personnel within the Organization, in uniform, and in operations

  • Infantry battalion (850 pers)
  • Engineering company (260 pers)
  • Military police company (132 pers)
  • Staff Officers and Military Observers
  • Two additional Formed Police Units for 2018-19 (280 pers)
  • Police officers and forensic experts
  • Training to other T/PCCs at Nepal’s Peacekeeping Training Center
  • Offering Nepal’s Peacekeeping Training Center for organizing major training events
  • Support for the revising of UN manuals

Units at Rapid Deployment Level for 2017-18, 2018-19:

  • Special Operations Forces company
  • Infantry battalion

  • Specialized police teams to MINUSMA (25%-40% women)
  • Training for MINUSMA: Protection of Civilians and in-mission gender training
  • Expertise on medical assistance, counter-IED, intelligence, search techniques, forensics and integrated approaches
  • Expert seminar on peacekeeping intelligence
  • Deployed a long-range reconnaissance group to MINUSMA (Dec 2016)
  • 150 civilian experts
  • 15 police officers
  • Co-hosted UNPKDM preparatory meeting on “Protecting Those At Risk” in Kigali

  • 3 Infantry Battalions
  • Level IV Hospital
  • EOD Company

  • C-130J transport aircraft to return to MINUSMA in 2019 as part of a prolonged multinational rotation of military aircraft to Mali
  • Continue to offer camp facilities in MINUSMA to all rotational partners
  • Welcome a second C-130 to Camp Bifrost, MINUSMA (pending bilateral discussions)

  • Increase deployment of women officers as Staff Officers, Medical Officers and Armed Forces Nursing Services to achieve gender parity
  • Training support at Pakistan’s peacekeeping training center
    • Female Military Officers Course (FMOC)
    • Male – Female Hybrid Military Observer Course (H-UNMOC)
    • Hosting of International Women Seminar in 2018
    • Exchange of Women Instructors
    • Workshops on preparation for the UN PCRS
    • Hosting Counter-IED courses
    • Courses for Combat Medics
  • Training of officers in Observer, Staff Officers and Protection of Civilians Courses
  • Provision of training teams to other Troop Contributing Countries and UN Training Centers
  • 50 Women Staff Officers
  • Infantry Battalion to Rapid Deployment Level
  • Logistic Battalion to Rapid Deployment Level
  • Engineer Company
  • Level 2 Hospital to Rapid Deployment Level
  • Aviation Unit
  • Tactical Unmanned Aerial System Unit (TUASU)
  • Signal Company
  • Canine Platoon
  • Three Formed Police Units
  • Riverine Platoon
  • Air Support Unit
  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit (EOD)
  • 50 Military Observers/Staff Officers pledged to UNHQ

  • 5 women warrant officers for Staff Officer positions at any UN missions
  • 9 women warrant officers and non-commissioned officers, for administrative positions at any UN missions
  • Infantry Company (250 pers)

  • 3 Force HQ Support Units (FHSU)
  • 90 UN Military Observers/ Staff Officers (30 Female & 60 Male)

  • Military Engineer General Support Unit (up to 50 pers)
  • Staff Officers/Military Observers/Liaison Officers (up to 30 pers)

  • Continue participation in MINUSMA within the Transport Aviation Unit Rotational Concept until 2020 (Smart Pledge)
  • Continue to keep a Quick Reaction Force in MINUSCA in 2018
  • Continue to participate in the EU Training Missions in Mali and Central African Republic
  • Continue presence in UNAMA (Afghanistan) and in the Verification Mission in Colombia
  • Contribution to the Trust Fund for Victims of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

  • Infantry Company (178 pers with APCs)
  • Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) Group (30 pers and 4 working dogs)
  • Transport aircraft (aircrews and technicians)
  • 11 Staff Officers
  • Up to 100 military observers
  • 4 transport helicopters starting in 2018

  • Special Operations Forces company to Rapid Deployment Level (2018-19)
  • Infantry battalion to Rapid Deployment Level (2018-19)
  • Smart Pledges in partnership with the US for the Rapid Deployment Level (2019-20):
    • Engineering Unit
    • Level 2 Hospital

  • Level 2 Hospital
  • Infantry battalion
  • Formed Police Unit (gendarmerie)
  • Formed Police Unit (police)
  • Transport Aircraft

Republic of Korea

Increase in the participation of women:

  • Strive to exceed 15% target of women Military Staff Officers/Observers (2018)
  • Strive to establish and manage human resources pool for selected women police officers
  • Engineering Unit
  • Level 2 Hospital - Facility & Equipment (2018)
    • Signed MOU with African Union for installation in Mali
    • Construction of Facility underway
  • Increased financial support:
    • Conflict Prevention Fund
    • Peacebuilding Fund

Sri Lanka
  • Female Military Police Company
  • All-Female Force Protection Company
  • Four MI-17 Helicopters for Mali
  • Quick Reaction Force Company

  • Infantry Company
  • Nordic Mobile Training Team to support basic training for UN troops in MINUSMA
  • Supporting the UN with gender competence and training at the Swedish Armed Forces
  • International Centre and the Nordic Centre for Gender in Military Operations
  • Extended contribution of about 250 personnel to MINUSMA until June 2018
  • Initial operating capacity for the multi-national C-130 contribution to MINUSMA
  • Provided medical expertise
  • Soon to reach the UN’s target of 15% women observers and staff officers deployed
  • Reached the UN’s target of 20% police personnel deployed
  • Early warning radar to MINUSMA

United Republic of Tanzania
  • Quick Reaction Force Company
  • Female Engagement Platoon in each battalion
  • Military, police and correctional staff officers to be deployed to various UN missions
  • Infantry Battalion
  • Combat Engineer Company
  • Military & Police units

  • Engineer Company deployed to UNMISS in 2018
  • Field Hospital
  • Groundwater Drilling
  • Staff Officers pledged at Rapid Deployment Level
  • Hosted a multinational peacekeeping exercise
  • Exchanging instructors and students with many countries
  • Delivering a course in Sustainable Development Approaches to Peacekeeping Operations

  • Ready to offer training programs for Member States at training facilities in Turkey

  • Engineer Company (Smart Pledge)
  • Formed Police Unit (All-Female or Mixed Unit – Smart Pledge)
  • Special Forces Company
  • Infantry Battalion (Smart Pledge)

  • Seven Mi-8 helicopters
  • Four Mi-24 helicopters
  • National contingents (400 military pers)
  • Seven Mi-8 helicopters
  • Four Mi-24 helicopters
  • National contingents (400 military pers)

United Kingdom
  • Launch of the WPS Chiefs of Defence Network
  • One year extension of engineering support to UNMISS

United States of America
  • Medical training and support to UN HQ
  • Bolster UN planning and coordination to support UN SG’s reform efforts
  • Provide equipment, training, and sustainment to TCCs for critical enabling capabilities
  • Provide pre-deployment equipment to enhance operational readiness
  • Support Rwanda’s pledges of rapidly deployable units
  • Reinforce in-mission mentoring by deploying U.S. trainers to UN peacekeeping operations for short duration to address key gaps
  • In coordination with the UN, provide communications assessment and support package to enhance a targeted peacekeeping operation
  • Provided pre-deployment and specialized training to over 50 TCCs/PCCs
  • Placed 54 staff officers in critical missions
  • Deployed two 10-person Sector Advisory Teams to MINUSMA
  • Provided specialized training in Rapid Deployment, EOD Manual Development, Lessons Learned, Table Top Exercises, Senior Mission Leadership, and Strategic Messaging
  • Provided in-mission mentoring in MINUSMA
  • Developed course in coordination with the UN to train National Investigative Officers to properly address SEA
  • Developed open source GIS Situational Awareness Tools GeoShape and Arbiter
  • Delivered Radio Interoperability System to MONUSCO and UN Signals Academy
  • Deploying environmental friendly technology to optimize water use, waste management, and power generation in peacekeeping operations
  • Provided pre-positioned equipment to support rapid deployment in Africa
  • Provided C-IED training in MINUSMA and AMISOM
  • Signed Acquisition Cross Servicing Agreement with the UN

  • Riverine Company, with over 10% women personnel
  • 15 Staff Officers
  • 20 Military Observers
  • 1 Canine Unit
  • 3 Water Plants
  • Infantry Batallion

  • Replacing the UK’s Level 2 Field Hospital in UNMISS in 2018
  • Engineering company (de-mining)

  • Rapid Deployable Battalion (Smart Pledge)
  • Medium Utility Helicopter Unit of three MI-17 Helicopters
  • Special Forces Company
  • 3 Female Engagement Teams

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