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CAF members – don’t delay! Apply for CFHD today. The 2024 rates are now live

Last year, the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) introduced the Canadian Forces Housing Differential (CFHD), which replaced the Post Living Differential (PLD). CFHD is a monthly payment designed to help CAF members secure suitable housing across Canada. CFHD rates are adjusted annually to reflect the economic situation and vary based on location and salary.

This year, 24 locations are seeing a rate increase greater than 10%. The updated CFHD rates will be effective on 1 July 2024 and are now live. Eligible CAF members who have not previously applied for CFHD are encouraged to do so now. If you have already registered, you do not have to re-apply unless you have relocated.

The CAF recognizes the unique contribution made by members of the Profession of Arms to Canada, the conditions under which they serve and the impact of service life on their families. To that end, the CAF Offer has been established to ensure all members are appropriately recognized for their service to the Nation.

The CAF Offer consists of an extensive set of monetary and non-monetary offerings that enable and enhance a member’s Journey in the CAF. It has been designed to:

  • attract Canadians to the CAF as an employer of choice; and
  • motivate, engage, and support retention of serving members.

This Internet Guide is available in both official languages and provides a single, authoritative, portal for all serving personnel, their families, and potential recruits to explore and discover the full range of what The CAF has to offer.


My name is Anastasia Karakoy. I am a naval logistics officer on board HMCS Max Bernays, Canada's newest Arctic and off-shore patrol ship. In my position, my team and I hold the experience and the knowledge to know how to navigate a variety of important resources pertaining to compensation, benefits, and work-life balance.

We understand that this knowledge isn’t common across the Canadian Armed Forces. This is something that I believe that the CAF Offer can assist members with. The CAF Offer provides members and their family with an open source platform from which they can learn more about the compensation and benefits they're entitled to throughout their military career.

Nearly eight years later, with countless stories and experiences, I still feel as though the CAF has offered me more than I could have ever imagined to be offered at the beginning of this journey. Having emigrated from Ukraine in 2001, my parents worked very hard to establish us here in Canada. For a long time, after we all gained our citizenship, my parents would struggle to hold back proud tears at the sound of our national anthem.

I really believe that knowledge is perhaps one of the most effective tools of empowerment we could have. My own journey of empowerment began when I was just ten years old and my father was working at the Canadian Forces recruiting centre in London, Ontario, that is where he had first learned about the Regular Officer Training Program and the chance for his daughter to have a post secondary education paid for.

Aside from the solid foundation that the paid scholarship made in my own establishment, considering the life and opportunity I've been granted as a Canadian citizen, there really didn't seem to be any career path more fitting for me than to serve Canada. I'll forever be grateful for the information that my father was able to pass along to spark my journey with the CAF. Increasing the accessibility of information on what the CAF has to offer holds great potential to empower our members and their families. See for yourself what the CAF has to offer.

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