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New! Provisional Post Living Differential

The intent of Provisional Post Living Differential (PPLD) (CBI 205.4535) is to facilitate an incremental reduction of the PLD or TPLD rate as it read on 30 June 2023.

New! Canadian Armed Forces members to receive pay increase. 

Beginning November 2023, eligible CAF members will receive a general pay increase. Please note that the pay rates reflected on this page will not go live until November 2023 as per CFG 119/23. To view current pay rates, please visit this temporary page.

The CAF recognizes the unique contribution made by members of the Profession of Arms to Canada, the conditions under which they serve and the impact of service life on their families. To that end, the CAF Offer has been established to ensure all members are appropriately recognized for their service to the Nation.

The CAF Offer consists of an extensive set of monetary and non-monetary offerings that enable and enhance a member’s Journey in the CAF. It has been designed to:

  • attract Canadians to the CAF as an employer of choice; and
  • motivate, engage, and support retention of serving members.

This Internet Guide is available in both official languages and provides a single, authoritative, portal for all serving personnel, their families, and potential recruits to explore and discover the full range of what The CAF has to offer.

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