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Looking to kickstart you career?

Are you looking to kickstart your career with the Government of Canada? Are you a dynamic and talented post-secondary graduate looking for a structured pathway to a successful career? Look no further! Join the elite Officer Development Program (ODP) in the Materiel Group at the Department of National Defence for a fulfilling career.

We are looking for inquisitive people ready to step outside their comfort zone. We are looking for people who don’t shy away from challenges, who have integrity and self-sufficiency with drive and personal commitment. Is that you? Then, our fast-tracked employee development program may be the opportunity you’ve been looking for!

About ADM(Materiel)

DND’s Materiel Group is the country’s largest materiel management organization. It is a central service provider and functional authority for all defence materiel and equipment programs. It ranks as one of the largest business entities in the government of Canada.

The Materiel Group serves DND and the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). The work that Materiel Group employees accomplish directly contributes to the success of the Canadian Armed Forces. Many pursue fulfilling careers in procurement/purchasing and supply, engineering, Life Cycle Materiel Management (LCMM) and Integrated Logistic Support (ILS), tech support and as technical inspectors. Materiel Group employees can proudly say that they play an important role in the country’s national security and safety objectives at home and abroad.

About the Officer Development Program (ODP)

The Materiel Acquisition and Support Officer Development Program (ODP) is an elite, fast-tracked, entry-level program.

It has five career streams: Procurement/Purchasing and Supply (PG), Engineering (EN-ENG), Engineering and Scientific Support (EG), Electronics (EL) or Technical Inspector (Quality Assurance Representative) (TI). Career streams are built in two or three phases. Each phase lasts 12 months.

Depending on the career stream, trainees start at the following classification groups and levels: PG-02, EN-ENG-02, EG-03, EL-03 or TI-03 level. After the successful completion of each phase, trainees are promoted to the next level or receive a pay level increment within their classification group. Upon graduation, trainees are offered career placements at the working-level classification groups and levels of PG 04, ENG 04, EG 06, EL 06 or TI 05 within the Materiel Group.

During the program, trainees are offered work placements and sent on field rotational assignments in which they are given real tasks in direct support of ongoing projects, materiel sustainment or acquisitions processes. They are expected to complete a wide variety of courses and practical tasks, and to attend specific on-the-job training events, all related to the Materiel Acquisition and Support (MA&S) process.

Right from the start, trainees are integrated into the workforce. They are set up for success on the way to a fulfilling career full of opportunities including, but not limited to, professional accreditation, project management certification or appointment, leadership roles, program management and more.

ODP career streams

The five ODP career streams are:

Purchasing and Supply (PG)

Program objectives

Program details

Engineering (EN-ENG)

Program objectives

Program details

Engineering and Scientific Support (EG) and Electronics (EL)

Program objectives

Program details

Technical Inspector (TI)

Program objectives

Program details

Education and language requirements

The following are the education credentials required for each stream of the program. Given the nature of the program and its accelerated development cycle, the education criteria are higher than the regular Treasury Board Secretariat’s basic requirements for the same group classifications. Based on the positions to be filled, we may also seek specialty qualifications as requirements for selection.

Language requirements vary based on the geographical locations of the positions and their specific official language bilingual proficiency requirements. It is important to note that for geographical regions deemed “bilingual”, supervisory role positions will require a bilingual proficiency of BBB or CBC. Trainees joining the program are required to meet the second official language proficiency profile for the position for which they are selected to fill upon graduation from the program.

Purchasing and Supply (PG) stream


Language requirement

Engineering (EN-ENG) stream


Language requirements

Engineering and Scientific Support Technologist (EG) stream


Language requirements

Electronics Technologist (EL) stream


Language requirements

Technical Inspector (TI) stream


Language requirements

Language of work

The government of Canada operates in both official languages: French and English. Position location, position level and responsibilities will affect position language proficiency requirements. Employees with direct reports who work in bilingual regions require a BBB language profile. Following the recommendation issued in the Clerk of Privy Council’s 2017 report on language of work, DND is currently raising the language profiles to CBC for supervisory positions located in bilingual regions.

Pay and benefits

Rates of pay vary depending on the stream and according to respective collective agreements. View the rates of pay for each career streams below:

DND civilian employees also receive a comprehensive benefits package and pension.

ODP trainees may be eligible for relocation assistance when joining the program as a new public service employee. For more information, please refer to the Treasury Board's Initial Appointees Relocation Program. Relocation assistance for existing Public Service employees is determined in accordance with the National Joint Council Relocation Directive.

Diversity, inclusion and employment equity

The Department of National Defence (DND) is committed to fostering a public service culture grounded in diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility. DND takes employment equity seriously. DND is committed to identifying and eliminating artificial barriers in the workplace that prevent designated group members from accessing jobs, promotions, training, etc. We offer an inclusive workplace in which individual differences are recognized, respected and leveraged. We strive to ensure that each person’s talents and strengths are developed and utilized.

In the application form, there is a dedicated area for those who wish to self-identify.

How to apply

To apply to an ODP career stream, contact us by sending us an email to ensuring you specify which career stream you are interested in joining:

You can also visit to watch for upcoming employment opportunities.

Contact us

For more information on the Materiel Acquisition and Support Officer Development Program, contact us at

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