DAOD 7006-0, Conduct Sheets

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Policy Direction
  3. Consequences
  4. Authorities
  5. References

1. Introduction

Date of Issue: 1998-03-31

Date of Last Modification: 2022-06-20

Application: This DAOD is an order that applies to officers and non-commissioned members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF members).

Supersession: CFAO 26-16, Conduct Sheets

Approval Authority: Chief of Military Personnel (CMP)

Enquiries: Administrative Response Centre (ARC)

2. Policy Direction

Policy Statement

2.1 A conduct sheet must be maintained on a CAF member's unit personnel record to set out entries for any of the following: 

a. a conviction

b. a finding as to the commission of a service infraction; and

c. brave conduct or meritorious service.

Note A conduct sheet is not a criminal record.


2.2 A conduct sheet must be:

a. prepared only when an entry is necessary; and

b. updated in accordance with DAOD 7006-1, Preparation and Maintenance of Conduct Sheets, if a new entry is required or an entry must be amended or removed.

3. Consequences


3.1 Should clarification of the policy statement, requirements or authorities set out in this DAOD be required, CAF members may seek direction through their chain of command. The anticipated results set out in the policy statement may not be achieved by the DND and the CAF if the requirements specified in this DAOD are not properly implemented. Not achieving the anticipated results could affect the ability of the DND and the CAF to ensure that the CAF is prepared to undertake missions for the protection of Canada and Canadians and the maintenance of international peace and stability.

4. Authorities

Authority Table

4.1 The following table identifies the authorities associated with this DAOD:

The or a … has the authority to …
  • approve instructions concerning the production and maintenance of conduct sheets.
commanding officer
  • make, amend or remove conduct sheet entries.

5. References

Acts, Regulations, Central Agency Policies and Policy DAOD

Other References

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