Defence Administrative Orders and Directives

Department of National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces corporate administrative direction is set out in the comprehensive collection of Defence Administrative Orders and Directives (DAOD) that are issued by or under the authority of the Deputy Minister and the Chief of the Defence Staff.

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1000 series

Policy frameworks, expenditure management, communicating direction, access to information, personal information, business continuity, hospitality, parking

2000 series

Military grievance, issue and crisis management, reserve force, defence security, safety, visits by foreign nationals, social media

3000 series

Controlled goods and technology, materiel acquisition, firearms, ammunitions, explosives, food services, logistics

4000 series

Environmental protection, hazardous materials, real property, firefighters and fire safety, nuclear and radiation safety

5000 series

Remedial measures, conduct and performance deficiencies, administrative review, minimum operational standards, harassment prevention and resolution

6000 series

Information technology and management, acceptable use, forms, mobile use, social media technologies

7000 series

Affidavits and declarations, conflict of interest, conduct sheets, summary investigations, wills, defence ethics, gifts and hospitality, post-employment, civil and criminal court proceedings

8000 series

Explosive ordnance disposal, defence intelligence, collective training, lessons learned, counter-intelligence, diving, chemical, biological, and nuclear defence

9000 series

Sexual misconduct response, use of cannabis, non-public property, absence or incapacity of the Chief of Defence Staff, cabinet confidences

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