Chapter 5 - Dental Enrolment Standards and Dental Condition on Enrolment



  1. Director Dental Services (D Dent Svcs) is the authority for the Dental Enrolment Standards.

Dental Enrolment Standards

  1. The review and evaluation of each member's dental health status must describe if there are any limitations which will adversely affect operational capability and / or preclude the member's ability to perform and function safely and efficiently in the military environment. Any case in which restrictions for recruit applicants are being considered due to dental conditions should be assessed by a dental officer (DO).
  2. As a general guideline, the minimum dental standard for enrolment in the CF is considered to be a complement of natural or artificial teeth in sufficient number and occlusal relationship to allow for adequate mastication and communication functions.
  3. The partial absence of natural teeth and/or the carious and other defective conditions of those remaining which are within the scope of treatment of the average military dental facility will normally constitute acceptable dental fitness for enrolment in the CF.
  4. The following conditions may result in rejection of an applicant or deferral of enrolment until the condition is corrected:
    1. an unrepaired cleft lip and/or palate;
    2. acute or chronic temporomandibular joint dysfunction and severe limitations of jaw opening which require immediate treatment and/or continual follow-up treatment;
    3. a malignant lesion that requires long term therapy; and
    4. abnormal maxillofacial skeletal relationship which compromises functional ability and interferes with the ability to perform military duties, for example the inability to wear a respirator or retain a diving regulator.
  5. The following conditions will result in deferral of enrolment until the condition is corrected:
    1. edentulous with no satisfactory denture replacement;
    2. any pathological lesion or condition which could be exacerbated while on normal military duty; and
    3. the active phase of orthodontic treatment, if such treatment is required to treat an underlying functional disability/medical condition. If orthodontic treatment is not required to treat an underlying functional disability/medical condition, enrolment may proceed if the applicant signs the Statement of Understanding on orthodontic treatment which is found in the Recruiter's Handbook, Annex D to Chapter 2.
  6. The dental standards for enrolment in the Canadian Forces shall apply:
    1. to applicants for the Regular Force;
    2. to applicants for the Reserve Entry Training Program at Service Colleges;
    3. to members of the Reserves making application for transfer to the Regular Force; and
    4. for employment
      1. on Class C service;
      2. on Class B service for a period in excess of 6 months; or
      3. as active aircrew (including Reserve Class A Active Aircrew).

Dental Enrolment Standards Assessment

  1. The initial oral assessment of an applicant is normally made during the enrolment medical examination. At this inspection, the civilian or military physician is required to make an overall assessment of the individual's oral health status as it relates to potential employment limitations. If the status of the candidate's dental health is of concern, the attending MO is to seek necessary collaboration with a DO at the nearest military base or by an authorized civilian dentist before appropriate enrolment decisions are made.
  2. All applicants will be assessed on an individual case-by-case basis. In any case in which the rejection of the applicant is recommended by the dental officer, the evaluation must clearly indicate why the applicant's dental condition precludes functioning in the military environment.

Dental Condition on Enrolment Examinations

  1. Not all members who are to be enrolled in the CF have the same entitlement to treatment services within the Canadian Forces Dental Care Program (CFDCP). As such, those members authorized to receive comprehensive care (CFAO 35-4) are to be provided with a separate, detailed Dental Condition on Enrolment Examination by a dental officer.
  2. In peacetime, this requirement for specific dental enrolment documentation applies to members of:
    1. the Regular Force;
    2. the Reserve Entry Training Program at Service Colleges; and
    3. the Reserves making application to transfer to the Regular Force or for employment:
      1. on Class C service; or
      2. on Class B service for a period in excess of 180 days.
  3. The Dental Condition on Enrolment Examination record, including radiographs, is used as an initial document for forensic identification. The importance of this record cannot be overemphasized.
  4. Some conditions may not be properly diagnosed until the applicant is enrolled and has commenced training. Release proceedings shall not be initiated without National Defence Headquarters (NDHQ) approval, and only after evaluation by a dental officer. Should release be recommended, this action will be taken in conjunction with local base and medical authorities.


  1. In unique and unusual circumstances the dental enrolment standards may be waived by NDHQ/D Dent Svcs.
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