Task Statement for Military Occupational Structure Identification - 00168 Supply Technician

A-MD-154-000/FP-000 - Appendix 1, Annex D

MOSID 00168 - Supply Technician (SUP TECH)

General Duties:

SUP TECH shall perform duties related to lifting, moving, loading/ unloading, and carrying stores including spare parts, provisions, ammunition, petroleum, oil and lubricants (POL), as well as field engineer stores during operations under the full range of climatic conditions. Stores are usually packaged in crates, bags, boxes and drums weighing up to 25 Kg but may weigh up to 70 Kg. Materiel Handling Equipment is limited at sea and in the field requiring manual lifting, loading and carrying.

MOSID Related Duties

Circle the X for each task that Mbr is UNABLE or UNFIT to perform.

1. Climb onto / off vehicle cargo decks, 1.75 m repeatedly, up to 10 times per hour. X X
2. Load / unload stores weighing up to 25 Kg for 45 minutes without rest. X X
3. Endure 10 hours of jarring / bumping when travelling cross-country in 5 Tonne trucks. X X X X X
4. Work up to 18 hours per day during operations. X X X X X
5. Physically capable of working with POL for prolonged periods. X X X
6. Drive military and civilian vehicles in low/no light conditions. X X X X X
7. Cope with stress of working with large quantities of ammunition and explosives in austere warehouse conditions. X X X X
8. Stand for up to 4 hours at a time. X X X X X
9. Negotiate narrow hatchways / passageways during periods of sudden and unexpected ships motion. X X X X X
10. Fight shipboard fires in small compartments while wearing CHEMOX equipment. X X X X X
11. Dig a personal trench. X X X X X
12. Remain alert for up to 12 hours per day. X X X X X

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