Task Statement for Military Occupational Structure Identification - 00306 Construction Tech

A-MD-154-000/FP-000 - Appendix 1, Annex D

MOSID 00306 - Construction Technician (CONST TECH)

General Duties:

Construction Techs are responsible for installing, maintaining, repairing and designing various structural components of buildings and civil works such as:

Duties are performed on Bases and Wings and in isolated locations with deployed forces.

MOSID Related Duties

Circle the X for each task that Mbr is UNABLE or UNFIT to perform.

MOC Related Duties SGT MCPL CPL
1. Lift, manipulate and carry materials and equipment up to 45 kg for extended peroids of time. X X X
2. Work standing for extended peroids of time. X X X
3. Exert a force of 45 kg by lifting or pulling a lever or wrench repeatedly for up to one hour. X X X
4. Work lengthy periods lying or standing with arms over the shoulder. X X X
5. Work for short periods lying or hanging with upper body lower than hips. X X X
6. Climb on equipment up to 3 m. X X X
7. Climb ladders and scaffolding of various heights. X X X
8. Work in confined and cramped spaces. X X X
9. Require good hand to eye coordination. X X X
10. Require good manual dexterity. X X X
11. Use mechanical, air, electrical and powder actuated tools. X X X
12. Walk long distances over rough terrain. X X X
13. Dig a personal trench. X X X
14. Drive light and medium wheeled vehicles in low/no light conditions. X X X
15. Remain alert and complete complex tasks for up to 10 hours per day. X X X
16. Work up to 16 hours on exercise or operations. X X X
17. Work with and endure exposure to toxic fumes from compressed gases, fuels, adhesives, acids, chemicals and paints. X X X
18. Work near equipment with fast moving parts and surfaces with extreme temperatures. X X X
19. Frequently climb, stoop, bend and crawl under, over, in and on buildings, equipment or vehicles. X X X
20. Work under combat or emergency conditions. X X X
21. Supervise and direct personnel under combat or emergency conditions. X X
22. Work under extreme environmental conditions. X X X
23. Endure prolonged exposure to high noise levels. X X X

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