Task Statement for Military Occupational Structure Identification - 00372 Operating Room Technician

A-MD-154-000/FP-000 - Appendix 1, Annex D

MOSID 00372 – Operating Room Technician (OR TECH)

General Duties:

The general duties and functions of the OR TECH are to provide direct assistance to anaesthesiologists and surgeons, maintain field operating room equipment and provide on-site training for OR field operations. The OR TECH performs in a scrub/circulating role, processes and sterilizes medical and surgical supplies, maintains surgical documentation, and leads the set up/tear down of field OR/Central Sterile Supply (CSS) facilities. The OR TECH duties are performed in a static, field, or ship’s environment in support of Sea, Land and Air elements.

MOSID Related Duties

Circle the X for each task that Mbr is UNABLE or UNFIT to perform.

MOC Related Duties MWO WO SGT MCPL
1. Assist lifting patients (90 kg) on and off operating room tables. X X X X
2. Support anaesthetized patients’ arms or legs for up to 5 min to allow for skin preparation. X X X X
3. Handle hazardous materials and biological waste. Tolerate dust and vapours generated from hazardous materials. X X X X
4. Cope with the stress related to caring for patients under emergency conditions either during international/domestic missions or in a static unit. X X X X
5. Work wearing OP Room attire for extended periods of time (up to and over 6 hours). X X X X
6. Stand for long periods (up to 6 hrs) within confined sterile boundaries and remains alert for 6 continuous hours. X X X X
7. Work for extended periods of time with call back duties during deployments, exercises, or while employed in some static units (12 hours with frequent periods of over 16 hrs work). X X X X
8. Require good manual dexterity and hand to eye coordination. X X X X
9. Manipulate tools (including miniature components), sharp instruments and needles for several minutes hourly. X X X X
10. Tolerate exposure to high pitched noise, anesthetic gases, radiation, chemical disinfectants, smoke/plume produced by cauterization or laser surgery. X X X X
11. Work wearing lead apron and scarf (4.5 to 9.5 kg) up to 6 hrs when C-arm is required. X X X X
12. Lift heavy surgical equipment, and push/steer heavy wheeled equipment. X X X X
13. Scrub, several times a day, for surgical procedures (3 to 6 minutes) hand to elbow with brush / sponge with antiseptic solution several times a day and wash hands regularly and frequently. X X X X

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