Annex C - The New Minimum Physical Fitness Standards (MPFS) for Universality of Service and the FORCE Program


There are six common military tasks which form the new Minimum Physical Fitness Standard (MPFS) for Universality of Service. They are essential, physically demanding tasks anyone in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) is expected to be able to perform. These tasks are derived from real operational scenarios which have been identified and described by military subject matter experts, and have been scientifically validated by the PSP Directorate of Fitness.

The four components of the FORCE Evaluation were designed to simulate the physical demands and movement patterns of the six common military tasks. The FORCE Evaluation standards are derived from the minimal acceptable standards on the six common tasks.

The FORCE Program is the new Canadian Armed Forces fitness program, replacing the CF EXPRES Program. FORCE stands for “Fitness for Operational Requirements of CAF Employment.” The program was approved by Armed Forces Council in December 2012. The FORCE Program officially launched April 1, 2013 on a trial basis, and will become the official CAF fitness standard on April 1, 2014.

The FORCE Program has two key components

All information for the MPFS and the FORCE Program can be found at the following website: FORCE Common Military Task Fitness Evaluation

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