The Canadian Armed Forces Ethos: Trusted to Serve focuses on explaining our ethos. It details the various elements of our ethos so that we better understand and internalize their meaning and application. By following the CAF Ethos, we will be well-equipped to navigate our careers with confidence, respect, credibility and most importantly, trust. Moreover, it articulates the ethical principles, military values and professional expectations that will enable us to lean into those elements and live them every day.

In volunteering for military service, we accept the responsibility to embody the highest ideals of Canadian society. We accept the specific obligations and responsibilities that represent this unique identity as members of the Profession of Arms. In return, we understand and value the special trust and confidence placed in us by the people of Canada. Following our ethos, we achieve the highest standards of professionalism and thereby ensure that trust is never broken.

The CAF Ethos will continue to evolve through our commitment to professionalism and by holding each other to account. It is strengthened and sustained through our collective efforts to pursue excellence, knowledge, diversity, inclusion, and through leading by example.

It is equally important to recognize past inequities and exclusions in CAF history and traditions, and to humbly work to change them in order to realize a more competent national institution that embodies our ethos. To realize this, we must develop gender-equal, diverse, inclusive, and respectful teams that operate with mutual trust, and strength of character.

As members of the Profession of Arms, we can shape the institution’s future and help create a culture that embraces everyone within the Defence Team. In doing so, we earn the trust, confidence and respect of our team, the Government of Canada, and most importantly, our fellow Canadians. Only then will we be trusted to serve.

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