Looking Ahead

By leveraging its skills, tools, structures, and philosophies, our Command will continue to provide Canada with highly skilled, adaptable, multi-purpose SOF forces, held at very high readiness levels. Moreover, it will continue to create unique strategic military options for the country by deepening Canadian military capability into the grey space.

Guided by its Strategic Vision, steered by ongoing feedback processes, supported by a Strategic Implementation Framework, underpinned by an agile organizational structure, and comprising a talented and diverse group of committed Canadians, CANSOFCOM will be well positioned to achieve success today, tomorrow, and in the long term. In this way, the Command will continue to contribute to the achievement of overall competitive advantage for the Canadian Armed Forces and for Canada.

However, Beyond the Horizon is only a snapshot in time of what is a continuously evolving military venture. Although this Strategy has evolved out of the 2015 Strategic Plan and sets the stage for follow-on iterations, it is an organic document. In other words, it must be read broadly and progressively so that it can be adapted to the evolving security context. Its function is not to limit the evolution of the Command but rather to facilitate its ongoing strategic relevance by positioning CANSOFCOM to be continuously able to anticipate, adapt, and act, in all evolving operating environments.


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