Message from the Chief of the Defence Staff

Since its inception in 2006, the Canadian Special Operations Forces Command (CANSOFCOM) has excelled in providing the Government of Canada with unique solutions of high strategic value. Its strength lies in the professional excellence of its members: their discipline, precision, and accountability will continue to be critically important to their ability to conduct operations across the spectrum of conflict at home and abroad.

While maintaining high readiness, CANSOFCOM has grown as a lean, agile, and highly capable organization which continues to adapt, respond to, and defend against ever-evolving and complex threats. Increasingly, its professional commitment and reputation have contributed to strengthening relationships integral to Canada’s national interests abroad.

CANSOFCOM’S new strategy publication, Beyond the Horizon, builds on the institutional gains made under its previous strategy. I believe that it accurately reflects the realities of today and sets the conditions to ensure that CANSOFCOM can continue to act and deliver decisive effects into the future.

Jonathan Vance, General

Chief of the Defence Staff

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