From the Minister

The Honourable Anita Anand, PC,  MP

 I am pleased to present the 2022-23 Departmental Plan for the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces.

Defence is an essential national institution, as Canadians have seen from the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, with the Canadian Armed Forces’ longest-ever domestic military operation as part of the national response, and key to finishing the fight against the pandemic with assistance to First Nations communities, provinces and territories. 

Now the Government of Canada is building back—building a better future for all Canadians—and Defence is indispensable in this national effort, as investments under Strong, Secure, Engaged: Canada's Defence Policy continue to deliver equipment, infrastructure, innovation, and a modern defence supply chain that sustains Canada’s military, as well as jobs and economic growth in communities across Canada.

The institution of Defence too must build a better future for every member of the Canadian Armed Forces and the public service by eliminating sexual misconduct and harassment, hateful conduct and systemic racism, discrimination, and abuse – systemic misconduct, and ensuring that everyone in a Defence workplace feels safe, protected, included, valued and respected. This year will see our people in all Defence organizations collaborating on building a better, diverse and more inclusive culture in which professional conduct surely aligns with the core values and principles of the institution.

Canada’s defence policy presents a vision and approach to defence that is part of building a better future for Canada. Being strong at home includes modernizing building up the Forces after the pandemic by focusing on recruiting, training and retaining Canadians from every background, however they identify. It means the Forces remain ready to assist civil authorities in response to floods, forest fires, and other extreme weather events worsened by climate change. It includes increased economic development opportunities for Indigenous communities, improved housing on bases and wings, and reducing emissions from our buildings and commercial vehicle fleets.

Being Secure in North America means modernizing NORAD, our defence partnership with the United States. That involves replacing the North Warning System with modern systems including sensors from the seabed to space and in cyberspace. It includes upgrading our defence capabilities to better protect Canada’s North, and control our Arctic sea and air approaches. Our contributions to NORAD modernization will also involve engagement with Indigenous peoples as partners, underlining our ongoing commitment to reconciliation.

Canada cannot be strong at home without being engaged in the world. That includes making Central and Eastern Europe more secure with our NATO Allies and Partners through increasingly challenging times. It also includes Canada’s defence scientists contributing their expertise to the new NATO Centre of Excellence for Climate and Security. It means reinforcing international peace, and security, and countering destabilizing forces around the world. That includes the Canadian Armed Forces participating in multinational maritime exercises, and providing military training assistance to like-minded countries. It involves deepening defence partnerships in the Indo-Pacific, and expanding intelligence networks abroad to ensure timely intelligence sharing with our allies and partners. It also involves Canadian Armed Forces support to a whole-of-government initiative to increase women’s participation in United Nations peace operations, and Defence working with Canadian innovators in support of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

These are only some of our plans and priorities for 2022 to 2023. I am looking forward to working with the entire Defence Team as we continue to advance Canada’s security and prosperity, and move forward together towards a better future for everyone.

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The Honourable Anita Anand, PC, MP

Minister of National Defence

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