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The Maritime Engineering Journal (MEJ) has been the principal publication of the Royal Canadian Navy’s Naval Technical Community; this community includes past and present serving members of the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) and Public Servants. Since 1982, the MEJ provides unclassified discussion surrounding naval technical challenges, naval history, and human interest stories from within the Naval Technical Community. 

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Defence Research and Development Canada (Atlantic): Charpy Impact Energy in Specifications for Naval Steels – A Case Study [Issue 105]

Probabilistic or reliability methods of analyzing platform structures and materials are becoming more attractive to vessel owners and operators as vessels age and margins thin.


The Bathtub Curve: Did we get this right? [Issue 105]

The Bathtub curve is a cornerstone diagram that is used to illustrate reliability and maintenance demands of a system over time.


Technical Service Paper: A Proposal to Replace the Halon 1301 Fire Suppression System on board Halifax-class ships with a more Environmentally Friendly System [Issue 105]

The Halon 1301 fire-suppression system fitted on board the Royal Canadian Navy’s (RCN) Halifax-class frigates, as the name suggests, utilizes Halon 1301 (i.e. bromotrifluoromethane) as an extinguishing agent to smother fires.


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