Chapter Five: Information Management and Technology

Case Management System (CMS)

The CMPS Case Management System (CMS) launched on 1 June 2018. The CMS is a file management tool and database used to monitor the progress of all cases referred to the DMP through the court martial process. In addition, it provides the DMP with statistics in real time about all cases proceeding through the court martial system.

The CMS tracks the status of files and collects data at the pre-charge, referral, post-charge, pre-trial, and trial stages. All important dates associated with these files are recorded in the CMS including, but not limited to, the dates when the file was referred to the DMP, when the file was assigned to a prosecutor, the date of the decision of the prosecutor on whether or not to prefer charges, and key dates in the court martial process. In addition, the CMS allows for the automatic creation of documents from compiled data including, but not limited to, charge sheets and letters informing key actors when a charge has been preferred by a prosecutor.

The CMS continues to be improved through a continual development process. The newest version of CMS was due to be released during this reporting period. This version would also have included interoperability with the Justice Administration Information Management System (JAIMS), digitizing all aspects of the military justice process, from charge laying to final disposition. Due to the CAF response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the release date was delayed. The newest version of CMS will be launched during the next reporting period.

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