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Military Exercises with the People’s Liberation Army

Question: Why is the Canadian Armed Forces engaging in military exercises and defence activities with the People’s Liberation Army?

  • Canada remains committed to being a reliable player in the Asia-Pacific region through consistent engagement and strong partnerships.
  • The Canadian Armed Forces have not engaged in bilateral training exercises with China in 2019 and 2020.
  • In parallel with the whole-of-government review of Canada’s approach to China, National Defence is currently reviewing its engagements with the Chinese military.
  • Canada will continue to engage in the Asia-Pacific region in a manner that promotes peace and security around the world.

If pressed on Canadian citizens detained in China:

  • Canada remains deeply concerned by China’s actions, including the arbitrary detention and sentencing of Canadian citizens.

Quick Facts

  • 2019 World Military Games:
    • The Canadian Armed Forces sent a delegation of 114 athletes to the 2019 World Military Games in Wuhan, China.
    • 9,308 military athletes from 109 countries took part in the Games, including 25 of 27 NATO countries.
  • Winter Survival Training Initiative:
    • A proposed 2019 winter training observation by the Canadian Armed Forces and the People’s Liberation Army did not take place.
    • In January 2018, the Canadian Armed Forces sent a delegation to China to observe winter training conducted by the People’s Liberation Army.
    • In February 2018, the People’s Liberation Army sent a delegation to Canada to observe winter survival training conducted by the Canadian Armed Forces.
  • Defence Attaché
    • The Canadian Armed Forces maintain a Defence Attaché at the Canadian embassy in Beijing, China, as part of a longstanding policy of fostering defence relations with foreign militaries around the world.

Responsible Principals: Assistant Deputy Minister (Policy), Strategic Joint Staff, Canadian Army

January 15, 2021

Canadian Arctic Sovereignty

Question: What is Canada doing to protect national sovereignty in the Arctic?

  • This Government is enhancing the ability of the Canadian Armed Forces to operate in a changing Arctic security environment.
  • That is why we are acquiring six new Arctic and Offshore Patrol ships, one of which has already been received and another one is expected in 2021.
  • These ships will provide armed, sea-borne surveillance of Canadian waters, including in the Arctic.
  • National Defence is also committed to acquiring next generation surveillance aircraft and remotely piloted systems to expand our Arctic capabilities.
  • The Canadian Armed Forces will continue to maintain a persistent and active presence in the North through regular operations.
  • This includes the work of the Canadian Rangers and deepening our relations with Indigenous communities at the heart of Canada’s North.
  • Canada will continue to work with our allied counterparts in the Arctic, and protect the international rules-based order.

Responsible Principals: Assistant Deputy Minister (Policy), Canadian Joint Operations Command, Strategic Joint Staff, Assistant Deputy Minister (Public Affairs).

March 11, 2021

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