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Armoured Combat Support Vehicles (ACSV)

  • In September 2019, the Government awarded a contract to General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada to acquire 360 new armoured combat support vehicles.
  • These vehicles will offer critical combat support in high-threat environments by serving as command posts, ambulances, mobile repair, vehicle recovery, and engineer support.
  • This project will also provide real economic benefits to the local community and broader region through:
    • The 1,650 jobs generated at the General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada Plant in London, Ontario; as well as
    • More than 8,500 supply-chain defence industry jobs that it supports across Canada.
  • In addition, the agreement with General Dynamics requires that the company reinvest 100% of the value of the contract back into the Canadian economy.
  • We anticipate that the first vehicles of the fleet will be delivered as early as December 2020, with the full fleet delivered by 2025.

Key Facts

  • Contractor: General Dynamics Land Systems, located in London, Ontario.
  • National Defence requested $176.9M in the Supplementary Estimates (A) 2019-20 to begin the production process for 360 Armoured Combat Support Vehicles.
  • The estimated cost range for this project is up to $3B, of which $2B is for acquisition of the vehicles.
  • Vehicle delivery is expected to be completed by 2025.


  • On August 16, 2019, the Minister of National Defence announced that the government will acquire 360 Armoured Combat Support Vehicles from General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada (GDLS-C). Funds for the purchase are in the approved budget for Canada’s defence policy, Strong, Secure, Engaged.
  • General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada, whose parent company is General Dynamics (US), is Canada’s largest defence company. They have an extensive supply chain in Canada, including an Indigenous-owned company providing metalwork.
  • Maximizing the economic benefits of this project for Canadians, the supplier is required to reinvest an amount equal to the value of this contract back into the Canadian economy.
  • These vehicles are based on the Light Armoured Vehicle 6.0 model, and will replace the Tracked Light Armoured Vehicles and Light Armoured Vehicles II Bison.
  • The similarity of the Armoured Combat Support Vehicles fleet to the Light Armoured Vehicle 6.0 fleet will reduce the amount of training required for driving, so the Canadian Army can begin using them in operations right away.

Version 5; 2020-02-24 – Source: D Parl A Supps (A) note, “Armoured Combat Support Vehicle Fleet (ACSV)”, 2019-12-05

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