Annex A: Key Items for First 30 Days

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  • This document identifies key decisions and events that will involve the Minister of National Defence, as well as verbal briefings that will be proposed by the Defence Team, in the first 30 days after taking office.

Recommended Briefing Sessions

Session Briefing Briefers
1. Welcome Brief and Executive Discussion DM, CDS
2. Legal Framework and Authorities and the Military Justice System JAG
3. Independent External Comprehensive Review into Harassment and Sexual Misconduct (Arbour) VCDS, JAG, CFLA, CPCC
4. Culture Change CPCC, SMRC
5. Global Threats and Risks CFINTCOM
6. National Defence in a time of Global Reordering ADM(Pol)
8. Public Affairs ADM(PA)

Memoranda to Cabinet


Events & Recommended Travel

  • Halifax International Security Forum: The 2021 Halifax International Security Forum (HISF) is scheduled to take place on 19-21 November 2021, in-person in Halifax, Nova Scotia, public health regulations permitting. Should an in-person event not be possible, it is expected that HISF will take place in a primarily virtual format again. The event is organized by HISF Inc., an independent non-profit organization, and has been co-hosted by the MND since it started in 2009. HISF is an international security conference intended to foster discussion and innovative thinking on global security challenges, as well as promote Canadian leadership in international defence and security. It typically attracts high-level participation from a number of key allies, including the US.

Recommended Visits and Phone Calls

The following recommendations are limited to visits and phone calls that are considered higher priority.


  • Washington, Canadian Embassy and US Secretary of Defence



  • US Secretary of Defence (in addition to, or as possible alternative to visit) – notably to reaffirm Canada’s commitment to continental defence and NORAD modernization, in alignment with the high-level priorities identified in the Roadmap for a Renewed US-Canada Partnership that was jointly announced in February 2021.
  • Commander NORAD – to discuss continental defence and NORAD modernization in particular.

Five Eyes

  • Secretary/Ministers of Defence of United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.


  • France’s Minister of Defence – Canada and France have robust bilateral relations, including extensive defence cooperation. [REDACTED] Reaffirming our strong bilateral relationship is also important [REDACTED].


  • Japan’s Minister of Defense – [REDACTED] and this would be an opportunity to reconfirm an invitation for a visit to Canada when public health conditions permit.
  • Vietnam’s Minister of Defence – [REDACTED] and maintain recent momentum in growing the defence relationship.


  • C-22 9mm Pistol – Canadian International Trade Tribunal Challenge: The C-22 9mm pistol request for proposal (RFP) is set to close on 16 Nov 2021. It is drawing a lot of attention from industry, and one company has filed a complaint. [REDACTED] The MND could be requested to make an announcement.
    • Ministerial Approval on the following procurement projects will be sought:



  • Treasury Board Submission Plan 2021-22: The Defence Team’s 2021-22 Treasury Board Submission Plan [REDACTED] requiring close coordination with the Minister’s office. Details are provided at Tab 3a.

Reports and Audits

  • Internal Audit and Evaluation Reports: The Minister’s Office is generally briefed on internal audits and evaluations prior to publishing. For awareness, the Assessment on the status of implementation of the Deschamps recommendations/Office of the Auditor General Management Action Plans, anticipated in fall 2021, has potential for high media/political interest.
  • Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Ground Search and Rescue (GSAR) Inquiry: This inquiry was established in January 2021, with the objective to review policies and selected NL GSAR cases, including the 2012 case of Burton Winters. DND/CAF is participating in the Inquiry as well as other federal agencies including the RCMP. The roundtables are currently underway with the final report scheduled to be submitted on or before 30 November 2021. Media and provincial political interest is expected.



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