Sub-zero Infrastructure, Security, and Sensors: Safekeeping assets in the Arctic

Competitive Projects

Up to $1.2M in phased development funding to propel technology forward

The Department of National Defence (DND) and the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) are seeking innovative solutions to secure and monitor CAF fixed ground-based assets operating remotely in the Arctic.

What IDEaS Provides

Funding of up to $200,000 will be provided for innovative solutions to help advance this challenge over a performance period of up to 6 months. There is a potential opportunity for further funding of up to $1 million for a performance period of up to a year should the solution be found successful and promising by DND/CAF.

What Innovators Bring

Solutions that demonstrate the ability to remotely and autonomously monitor DND and CAF fixed assets in the remote Arctic 24/7 in order to ensure their security.


Project title Innovator Amount Stage
Optimal Sensing, Data Processing, Energy Management and Communication for Centralized and Autonomous Monitoring of Remote Arctic Assets TrackGen Solutions Inc. $229,977.00 1a
Stand-alone High Accuracy Arctic Ground Monitoring Station and Flexible Remote Network Symroc Business and Project Management Ltd. $227,700.00 1a
BRNKL Arctic Deploy – Autonomous arctic-rated portable remote monitoring and surveillance Systems Banacle Systems Inc. $227,700.00 1a
Power, network, and sensor management system with machine learning analytics for 24/7 arctic infrastructure monitoring Queen’s University at Kingston $230,000.00 1a
Hybrid Combined Heat and Power (H-CHP) Global Power Technologies Inc. $229,821.57 1a
Autonomous Environment Monitoring and Security Ascent Systems  Technologies $230,000.00 1a
A small satellite constellation for multi-static, multi-sensor site surveillance C-CORE $229,640.63 1a
Snow Flea: Ground Based Tactical Electronic Warfare for the Artic Labforge Inc. $229,425.00 1a
Autonomous Self-Powered Sensor Network for Safekeeping Assets in the Arctic University of Alberta $230,000.00 1a
ARMED: Arctic Reliable Mesh-Enabled Distribution Invicton Laboratories Corp $229,885.00 1a

Background and Context

As outlined in the Government of Canada’s defence policy Strong, Secure, Engaged (SSE) 2017, and in the Arctic and Northern Policy Framework (ANPF) 2019, the CAF will enhance its mobility, reach and footprint in Canada’s North to support operations and exercises, and its ability to project force in the region. This commitment requires pursuing innovative solutions to ensure that military fixed ground-based assets are optimized for use in the Arctic environment, including the ability to monitor and secure such critical assets and supporting infrastructure.

Multiple sites in isolated locations across the Canadian Arctic shelter remotely operated military assets (e.g. sensors, instruments, etc.) that are exposed to extreme weather conditions and could be susceptible to interference or physical disruption. Ensuring continuity of operations in the region for the defence of North America has many aspects including but not limited to: physical protection of the assets against various intruders and extreme weather, 24/7 monitoring for perimeter or power impacts, and/or real-time alerts of disruption or tampering of the assets.

In Canada’s Arctic, satellite coverage at extreme northern latitudes and the nature of the polar ionosphere creates unique issues and limitations for sensor and communications capabilities. Additionally, the remoteness of these assets’ locations and the lack of infrastructure in the Arctic poses a significant challenge for supplying power, supplies, and components. As such, maintaining the operational capabilities of these assets and the site surrounding them could be facilitated by maintaining independence of systems such that the operations (or failure) of one system does not adversely affect other systems.

Essential Outcomes

Proposed solutions must demonstrate the following:

  • The ability to remotely and autonomously monitor DND and CAF fixed assets in the remote Arctic 24/7 in order to ensure their security.

Desired Outcomes

Proposed solutions should include capabilities such as, but not limited to, the following:

  • Hardened physical protection of assets;
  • Reliability of operation in the harsh Arctic environment;
  • Reliability of operation in the communication limitations in the Arctic;
  • Reusable and sustainable power generation and storage for monitoring systems that safeguard the assets’ sites;
  • Sustained near real-time centralized monitoring;
  • Cost and resource-effective deployment in the remote Arctic region.

Supplemental Information

Canada will not provide government furnished property (GFP), including but not limited to materiel, equipment, access, information, and personnel to enable the Contractor to conduct the work during Component 1a.

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