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Competitive Projects

Up to $1.2M in phased development funding to propel technology forward.


Take your technology to new heights. Advance it along the innovation pipeline.

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How it works

The Competitive Projects element funds projects fast. It advances promising technology quickly through a phased approach, which can quickly take your technology to new heights.

What are we looking for?

Component 1a (Up to 6 months, up to $200,000)

Component 1a helps to establish the innovativeness and impact of a solution and its ability to address a specific defence and security challenge. Innovators have up to six months to refine and advance their product and have the opportunity to communicate their successes through their milestone reports. As added incentive, projects that show promise will be considered for a second phase of funding (Component 1b).

Component 1b (Up to 12 months, up to $1 million)

Component 1b projects continue the development to progress a solution to a higher solution readiness level and innovators are invited to showcase their solutions to the Department of National Defence/Canadian Armed Forces. Innovators will have up to a full year to make the most of their opportunity to advance their project and address the challenge.

What do innovators get?

Phased development of your technology allows continual progress and continuous feedback from national defence experts. Once a component is successfully completed, Innovators may be selected for the next phase of funding.

How much funding is available?

Innovators who are selected for both component 1a and 1b funding can get a maximum of $1.2 million for a period of 18 months to advance their projects along the innovation continuum. There is also the opportunity for National Defence to pursue using non-IDEaS funding of up to $20 million for S&T Solution Advancement.

Who can apply?

Everyone is invited to apply to Competitive Projects, whether you are a small or large enterprise, an academic institution, a non-profit or an individual. Federal public servants are not eligible. Innovators need to consult the call for proposals document for more specific information.